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What is the World’s Largest Fireworks Waterfall?

Fireworks waterfalls are an incredible sight. For those unsure of what a fireworks waterfall is or looks like, it’s definitely a case of the clue being in the title. Chances are that you’ve seen a fireworks waterfall at some point in your lifetime without ever realizing it.

What is a Fireworks Waterfall?

The concept behind a fireworks waterfall is simple, it’s merely a cascading firework effect that looks like, you’ve guessed it, a firework. Although fireworks waterfalls are more commonly seen at sporting events and concerts, if they’re set up correctly they can look incredible both at regular public displays or during larger scale, planned events such as New Year celebrations.

The World’s Largest Fireworks Waterfall

When we look at fireworks waterfalls we’re talking in terms of how long they are, not from top to bottom but across. The accolade for the world’s longest fireworks waterfall sits with the aptly titled Niagara Falls firework waterfall, which was featured at the 2008 Ariake Seas Fireworks Festival in Japan.
This incredible firework was over 3.5km long!
Check out the video below.

Last year we created a cool infographic highlighting our favourite five firework related world records. Although some of these records have since been broken, it’s still worth a look. Check it out here.

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