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What is Remote Ignition Kit and Why Should I Use One?

You should never mess around with fireworks. While they look beautiful on the night sky, you have to remember that fireworks are a type of explosive. You have to be careful around them. The good news is that a remote ignition kit can make firing fireworks a bit safer!

When you are using fireworks, you have to remember to follow safety rules. In terms of firing, you have to remember these critical rules:

  • You only attempt to fire fireworks that are dry and intact.
  • You don’t fire fireworks if the weather is bad – it’s too rainy or too windy.
  • You wear protective glasses.
  • You don’t allow children to handle fireworks.
  • You don’t aim the fireworks at anyone and your audience is within an appropriate distance.
  • You don’t attempt to fire fireworks under the influence of alcohol.

These are important safety rules and by following them, you can stay safer when using fireworks. However, there’s another way to prevent any serious injury.

What is a remote ignition kit?

A remote ignition kit is essentially a firing system that allows you to light the fireworks without standing next to them. You can set up your fireworks, move away from them and use the kit to light the fireworks at a safe distance.

The kit allows you to set off multiple fireworks, either at once or at intervals. This means that a remote ignition kit is helpful when you want to create your own mini displays, as you don’t need to have a firing gap in the middle of the fireworks.

The Launch Kontrol

We here at Firework Crazy sell the Launch Kontrol in our webstore. This system includes a panel that can fire up to four fireworks at a time. You can extend this using multiple launch pads at once.

The unit is powered with 9v battery and we recommend you always use alkaline batteries. Due to the CAT5 connection adapter, you can fire your fireworks from up to 75 feet – it’s safe firing at its best! The firing cable itself is reusable so you don’t have to worry about replacing it and the replaceable firing clips cost just 30p per clip.

We offer the Launch Kontrol systems in a variety of selections. Check out the website for more information and pricing.

Is it worth it?

The big question is, should you use a remote ignition kit or not? When it comes to added safety, you can’t really ever go wrong with it. If something makes you and your loved ones safer, then it’s a good idea.

A remote ignition kit is not just about safety either. With it, you will be able to create better and bigger displays. It removes the need to run back and forth, setting up the next firework. You can simply set up your fireworks and just push the button to wow the crowds.

Not to mention the fact that it doesn’t have to be you who pushes the button! A remote ignition kit will make it possible for your children or even your granny to take charge. It makes fireworks more of an inclusive experience – finally everyone can be part of the show!

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