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Valentine’s Day Firework Deals 2019

Looking to add spice and excitement to your Valentine’s Day celebrations? You could light up the night with some fireworks. You don’t even need to spend a fortune, as Firework Crazy has the best Valentine’s Day firework deals for 2019!

Please note that the prices quoted below were correct at the time of writing 27 January. Always check the website for correct prices to ensure we haven’t changed anything.

Sort it Out with a Selection Box

You could sort out your fireworks needs for Valentine’s Day also with a selection box. We’re actually offering Pyro King’s Supercharged Selection Box with a 50% discount. You can buy it online for just £62.49.

The box contains 35 different fireworks, including roman candles and fountain-fireworks.  There is even a beautiful Catherine wheel to add a bit of magic to your date night display. What’s best is that all the fireworks are low noise fireworks – you don’t have to worry about startling the neighbours.

Burst a Seismic Blast

Your Valentine’s Day fireworks display should also contain plenty of big, bright colours. This cake is a massive firework, shooting 49 shots in a variety of effects from strobes to brocades. It’s a 60-second firework so good enough to work on its own.

Seismic Blast is also on sale with another massive 50% your total. You can buy it for £47.49.

Fire It Up with Rockets

Valentine’s Day is all about passion and romance so why not include a few rockets to your night? We have lots of amazing rockets on sale. These can work on their own as a bit of fun or you can combine them into a display with a few fountain-fireworks and roman candles.

After Burner by Tai Pan has 9 different rockets in the pack. They each have different effects and colours to light up the night sky. If you buy After Burner right now, you’ll save £15. The rockets are available to buy for £19.99.

Tai Pan also has another wonderful rocket pack available with a massive £40 discount. Wrecking Balls includes our professional shell burst rockets with unique effects. These rockets pack a bunch so you’ll need around 25 metres for safety distance. Wrecking Balls is available to buy for £59.99.

Finally, you could fire it up with our newest rockets from Kimbolton Fireworks. Brimstone is a pack of four rockets with huge bursts and bright colours. The rockets measure over 1 meter when burst! This is a stunning rocket pack available half price for £39.99.

 Surprise Them with Sparklers

If you want something simple yet beautiful, consider opting for sparklers. The basic gold sparkler set is just £1.19 and these 10-inch sparklers will turn your backyard into a magical fairyland. Perhaps you could put them in a beautiful heart formation. You can even take slow-capture photos with sparklers – that’ll be a fun way to spend the night!

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Fireworks

Fireworks can add a bit of magic to your Valentine’s Day in 2019. You can create a big display or just set off a few rockets to brighten the night. Pick your favourite fireworks from Firework Crazy right now!

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