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Total FX Fireworks New for Firework Season 2017

As we continue our run down of all our new fireworks for firework season 2017, we’re going to introduce you to the new stuff by Total FX. Before we start, here’s just a quick reminder about the prices mentioned below. The information is correct as of October 15th. Although we always strive to provide the cheapest prices, we might occasionally need to change them.

Flaming Lamborghini

The Flaming Lamborghini lasts for 90 seconds during which it will fire 135 shots. Yes, you read that correctly! The cake fires in a Z-firing pattern, unleashing effects such as coconuts, chrysanthemums, and brocades. There will be plenty of glitter and crackling, too. It’s a superb firework with plenty of colour and loud bangs. In fact, the sounds at the start are almost like a drumbeat!
You can buy Flaming Lamborghini from our online store for £89.99 and save £4.


Caged Tiger Unleashed

You might be familiar with the Caged Tiger Pro firework by Total FX. The Caged Tiger Unleashed is the mini version of it, although you wouldn’t really believe it when you see it in action. The firework shoots 112 shots in a mixed firing pattern, lasting around 90 seconds. You will get a beautiful mix of colours and effects with this powerful little cake.
Caged Tiger Unleashed is currently available for £119.99.

Now, the old Caged Tiger Pro is not sold as a cake any longer. It has been turned into a compound firework for firework season 2017. It’s similar to it’s ‘little brother’ there but you will get slightly more firepower with this one. The new updated version is available online with a £10 discount, costing you just £179.99.

Agincourt Compound Display

Finally, Total FX has produced another massive compound firework. This brand new firework will shoot 99 shots in the space of 115 seconds. It comes with a mixed firing pattern and a range of effects. You’ll get to enjoy bursts of red, green and gold among other colours. You could use the compound firework on its own or add it to your larger firework display.
Agincourt Compound Display is available at Fireworks Crazy for £129.99.

If you like your fireworks big and bold, then you will definitely enjoy the Total FX range. It has plenty of big bangs with enough colours to fill the rainbow.
For more new fireworks and special offers, you should visit our online store. And don’t forget to let us know which fireworks you are planning to buy this firework season – join us on our social media for more!

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