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Top Tips for Your New Year’s Eve Fireworks Display

Although we haven’t yet got Christmas out of the way – not that you need reminding if you’ve been hearing Christmas music in some shops, whom we won’t name, since the middle of September – many people are already turning their attentions to New Year.


Facebook and other social networks are already filled with individuals’ status updates proclaiming what they’re going to change about their lives in 2016. We’re not going to judge whether these hasty resolutions will last past the first week of January, but what we do know is that before we start trying to quit smoking, coffee, alcohol, or getting off the bus one stop earlier to burn some extra calories, we are going to have a party.
If you’re one of the increasing number of people who will see in the New Year at home, you might be looking at ways to entertain yourself other than enjoying the Big Fat Quiz of the Year and Jools Holland’s Annual Hootenanny.

One such option you have is, of course, fireworks. But what do you need to remember before you indulge in a New Year’s Eve fireworks display?

Think of Your Schedule

We’re not for a minute suggesting you take your party planning to the level of Monica from Friends, but you do need to have some idea of what time you are going to have your fireworks display.

If you are planning to hold your display at midnight or later in the evening, you will need to remember that alcohol will be strictly off limits for you before the display. If you have a friend that won’t want to drink then you should ask them if they would be happy to carry out the display.
Alternatively, if you know loads of people are going to be shooting fireworks as the clock strikes 12, why not have your display a little earlier so you’re not ‘competing’ with others. If you have children that will be attending your home or your neighbours have children they will appreciate you holding your display a little earlier, too.

Tell the Neighbours

While ‘open houses’ and people visiting each other around midnight is not as big a social custom as it used to be in the United Kingdom, if you’re planning on having fireworks on New Year’s Eve then you should tell your neighbours. We’re not necessarily saying you need to invite them into your house if you don’t want to, but if they have pets or children they’ll appreciate knowing that it will be noisy. Don’t assume they’ll be expecting it just because it is New Year’s Eve.

Storing Fireworks

Whether you have fireworks leftover from Bonfire Night that you are going to use at New Year, or will have fireworks left after January 1st, remember that you will need to ensure they are stored safely.
We wrote a great blog on the importance of storing fireworks safely last year; read it to ensure you know what you need to do.

Happy New Year!

Don’t let your New Year celebrations be ruined by a careless attitude towards the use of fireworks, both from a safety perspective as well as in terms of being a considerate neighbour. Have a great time over the Christmas and New Year periods, and don’t forget to come back and let us know how you got on with your resolutions!

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