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Top Fireworks to Light Up Diwali 2017

As we all know, fireworks are a big part of all variety of festivities around the world. The upcoming Hindu festival of light, Diwali, is one such an occasion. During the festival streets around India are filled with candles, fireworks and lights. The festival is also widely celebrated across Britain, and we absolutely love the occasion!
In 2017, Diwali will take place on October 19th. That Thursday and the following weekend are the perfect time to celebrate this festival with plenty of. If you want to celebrate the festival of light with fireworks, then here are our favourites to light up Diwali 2017.

Mystic Fountain by Zeus Fireworks

Since Diwali is the festival of light, you want fireworks that are all about illuminating the night sky. Mystic Fountain definitely does this – the 90-second fountain includes plenty of sparkle and colour. The firework is the perfect celebration of colourful effects and it’s suitable for garden use.


Mythos by Lesli Fireworks

Another superbly bright fountain to add to your Diwali celebrations is Mythos. The firework is one of the most colourful fountain-fireworks in our selection. It lasts for 40-seconds, shooting stars and glitter up in the air. The firework is part of our low-noise range so it is perfect for families with small children or pets.


Illuminate by PyroKing

For the real deal, we have a newcomer to surprise you and your guests. Illuminate lasts a massive 100 seconds and fires 150 shots. You will be able to enjoy an insane amount of effects and colours from red to purple and crackling to glitter comets. It’s the perfect single ignition box to add to your Diwali party and it’s definitely a showstopper.


Maximum Impact by Tai Pan

You should also consider adding a few old-fashioned rockets to your Diwali display. Tai Pan has a selection of good rockets with the Maximum Impact pack including two of the best: Mad Max and Big Max. These rockets have a bit of gold brocade and silver glitter to light up the night sky and put a smile on everyone’s faces.


Glitter Bombs by Skycrafter

One of our most popular fireworks is Glitter Bombs and this 7 shot firework is perfect for Diwali. Each of the seven shots will provide a huge crackling flower with glitter and sparkle everywhere you look. It’s a great garden firework to wow your guests with.


Bam Candle by Celtic Fireworks

We featured this roman candle during our 2016 review night and Bam Candle was so popular 95% of visitors ordered one or more of it. It’s another great pick for a Diwali firework display – the 56 shots of twisting deep gold tails and crackling bursts are just what the festival of light is all about. If you like Bam Candle, you might also enjoy Wap and Boogie!



Of course, you shouldn’t throw a Diwali party without some sparklers. We have a great selection of big and small sparklers – you can use them indoors or outdoors for added effect of light, joy and love.

Diwali celebrations call for fireworks and we think the above are the best of the lot to add to your display. You can find more fireworks from our online store and start planning for the best Diwali party of the year.

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