Top Fireworks 2024 from Black Cat Fireworks

At Firework Crazy, we’re dedicated to curating exhilarating fireworks that surpass the competition while adhering to legal regulations. The top fireworks 2024 from Black Cat Fireworks are renowned for their exceptional quality and creativity. Their expert technical teams consistently develop innovative firework designs and packaging concepts, ensuring we have new and thrilling fireworks each year.

Black Cat Fireworks has been a leading name in the industry for years, continuously delivering awe-inspiring pieces for retail use. In this post, we’ll explore the best firework fountains, rocket fireworks, and firework cakes by Black Cat Fireworks, giving you an insight into their creations. We’re always excited to see what they have in store.

Please note that all prices mentioned below are accurate at the time of publication and are subject to change.

Best Firework Fountains from Black Cat Fireworks

Firework fountains are like magic in a tube, showering sparks and colours in a mesmerising display. They’re the perfect way to add some extra excitement and fun to any celebration. Black Cat Fireworks has a wide range of fountain fireworks, that’ll light up your night with their spectacular shows!

top fireworks 2024 from black cat fireworks crowd

Tiger Fountain

This fountain promises to amaze with its showers of sparks and crackles, followed by a dazzling strobe effect that lights up the eyes and mouth of the tiger. Perfect for adding some extra excitement to your garden fireworks display, Tiger is sure to impress your guests with its mesmerising show.

Save 38% and buy Tiger for £7.49.

Dragon Fire Fountain

This fiery fountain promises 60 seconds of excitement, featuring vibrant red and silver fountains accompanied by crackling sounds. But that’s not all – watch in awe as the dragon’s eyes and nose flash with light, adding an extra touch of magic to the display. Perfect for lighting up your garden with a spellbinding show, Dragon Fire is sure to be a hit with all ages.

We’re currently offering Dragon Fire at a 40% discount for £8.99.

Afterglow Fountain

Presenting the Afterglow Fountain – an exceptional addition to your fireworks showcase! This fountain boasts a nearly 2-minute duration packed with captivating effects and vibrant colours. Its ample size makes it ideal for illuminating even the smallest back garden displays. Classified as Cat F2, indicating its low hazard rating, the Afterglow Fountain promises both spectacular visuals and safety.

Enjoy 40% off and buy Afterglow for £11.99.

Best Rocket Fireworks by Black Cat Fireworks

Rocket fireworks are iconic staples of any fireworks display, known for their soaring flights and breathtaking bursts of colour. These high-flying pyrotechnic devices are designed to shoot into the night sky before exploding in a dazzling display of light and sound. From classic single-effect rockets to multi-shot barrage rockets, Black Cat Fireworks offers an impressive selection of rockets that promise to elevate your celebrations to new heights.

top fireworks 2024 from black cat fireworks best rocket fireworks

Mission to Mars

This pack features a collection of 4 ring rockets, each designed to produce a beautiful spherical burst that lights up the night sky. Prepare to be impressed by a variety of effects, including crackling willow ring, red ring with silver glitter pistil, gold palm ring, and brocade ring with dragon chrysanthemum.

You can buy Mission to Mars for £20.99 and save 40% off the original price.


This pack features 20 rockets, each packed with 1.3g flash burst for maximum impact. Prepare to be amazed by the wide range of effects, including white glitter with crackling stars, purple and green stars, brocade with red, orange glitter, red to white glitter, red and blue stars, and more. With its beautiful array of colours and effects, the Pathfinder rockets are sure to light up the sky and leave your audience in awe.

Pathfinder is available at a 40% discount for £35.99.


Featuring three display-quality rockets, this pack is designed to inspire. Experience the beauty of an astonishing snowflake brocade, the elegance of a weeping gold willow, and the brilliance of a silver palm. Perfect for adding a touch of sophistication and excitement to your celebrations, the Viper rockets are guaranteed to uplift your celebration with a breathtaking display.

You can enjoy 40% off and buy Viper for £47.99.

Best Firework Cakes by Black Cat Fireworks

Firework cakes, also known as multi-shot aerial repeaters or single ignition barrages, are compact yet powerful fireworks that contain multiple tubes packed with various effects. These cakes are designed to be lit once and then deliver a rapid sequence of shots, creating a striking display of colour and sound. From vibrant bursts of stars to crackling palms and glittering willows, firework cakes offer an all-in-one solution for a breathtaking fireworks show.

top fireworks 2024 from black cat fireworks best firework cakes

Sky Jacks

With 25 shots and a Z-firing pattern, this mini Single Ignition Barrage (SIB) packs a punch. Get ready for a symphony of colour and sound as Sky Jacks unleashes its mixed effects, including radiant gold brocades, vibrant multi-coloured stars, shimmering silver glitter, and a thrilling crackling brocade finale.

We’re offering Sky Jacks at a 50% discount, costing just £16.49.

Golden Canyon

This sensational firework cake offers 25 shots of radiant yellow and pink starburst effects. With its lower noise profile and delightful “pop,” Golden Canyon is perfect for captivating a younger audience while still delivering an impressive display. As a Category F2 firework, it’s ideal for smaller garden displays, ensuring safe and enjoyable entertainment for all.

Enjoy 38% off and buy Golden Canyon for £9.99.

Best Low Noise Firework by Black Cat Fireworks

Low noise fireworks offer all the visual excitement of traditional fireworks but with reduced sound levels, making them ideal for events where noise levels need to be minimised. These fireworks are perfect for intimate gatherings, residential areas, or venues with noise restrictions, ensuring everyone can enjoy the spectacle without disturbance.

top fireworks 2024 from black cat fireworks best low noise firework


This multi-coloured mine cake features an array of vivid hues including blue, purple, green, silver, glittering gold, and crackling effects. With 25 shots of coloured mines erupting without an aerial burst, Stardust offers a visual spectacle without the loud bangs, making it perfect for low noise displays and suitable for a younger audience. For an extra impressive show, consider firing Stardust in pairs. If you’ve tried and enjoyed Brothers Angel Dust, you’re sure to be blown away by Black Cat’s Stardust.

Get 40% off and buy Stardust for £8.99.

Delve into the Top Fireworks at Firework Crazy

Discover the complete range of Black Cat Fireworks and ignite excitement at your upcoming event by visiting Firework Crazy, a leading fireworks provider in the UK. Additionally, we offer training sessions to ensure you can host your own memorable firework shows with confidence and safety. Reach out to us today for further information.

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