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Top Firework Displays from Halloween 2018

Ghouls, witches and zombies are crawling back to their hideouts, as we say goodbye to Halloween. While you’re enjoying your Halloween candy and scraping off the red food colouring from your clothing, you can recap the wonderful holiday with the best firework displays with us!

Halloween 2018 produced some wonderful firework displays once again. We’ve picked out our favourites – what do you think?

Fireworks at Disneyland

Halloween is, of course, a massive holiday in the US and it isn’t any wonder Halloween’s best firework display came from Disney. The American company does know how to make dreams come true and the stunning shows they put up during any kind of holiday are just one-of-a-kind each time.

The Halloween fireworks at Disneyland were all about fun music and big, bright fireworks. There were many falling leaves and long-lasting effects so these are bound to be a big hit in this year’s holiday fireworks! Of course, to go with the spooky Halloween theme, Disney also had plenty of fire effects going on to add some drama to the show.


Brick or Treats fireworks at Legoland Windsor

Legoland Windsor put on quite a show as well. The aptly named ‘ Brick or Treat’ show had many big rockets to entertain the crowds. Just like with the Disney display, Legoland fireworks included plenty of falling leaves and fiery, orange effects. It was an all-around fun display!


Halloween Fireworks in Derry

Ireland throws a big party on Halloween. The streets of Londonderry were filled with tens of thousands of viewers to watch the annual parade and fireworks at the end of the night.

This year’s budget for the whole party was nearly £400,000 and from the look of the firework display, we think it all paid off! The display took over the whole night sky and created a massive amount of lights and effects. There were lots of big rockets and fountain-fireworks, with plenty of red and blue colours.

The Derry Halloween parade is an annual event so if you’re looking for something fun for next year, it’s definitely worth keeping this event in mind!


Neighbourhood fireworks in Cedar Hill

Finally, we enjoyed this video of Halloween fireworks from the US. It’s from Cedar Hill and it’s probably a lovely community neighbourhood out celebrating the big day. The fireworks are big and loud so be aware when you watch the video with sounds on!

There are lots of crackers and Roman candles. The colours range from a blood red to poison green – just the perfect mixture for Halloween! This display is the perfect example of the joy of rapid-fire fireworks!


So, there you have it. Another Halloween done and dusted in style! Luckily, Bonfire Night is just around the corner so we get to see more amazing firework displays and we’ll be bringing you our favourites later on. Don’t forget to send us clips of your fireworks and let us know if you had a big Halloween 2018 firework favourite this year!

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