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Top Choices for a Wedding Fireworks Display

If you want to experience some glamour and excitement at your wedding, then you should consider adding a fireworks display to your big day. Fireworks are a romantic and fun way to spice up the day and you can use them in a variety of ways as part of your reception, or even the wedding itself.
Realistically you have three choices when it comes to organising a display. You could either do it on your own, ask the venue to provide a fireworks display, or hire a professional firework display company directly.
Here’s a look at each of these options to help you decide the best approach for your wedding.

Organise Your Own

If you aren’t afraid of a bit of extra wedding planning, then organising your own display isn’t as difficult as you may think. But it does take careful planning and some time, so if you are already stressed out with your wedding planning, you may want to skip this option.
On the other hand, it might be a nice way to get your groom involved in the wedding planning! For most men, the idea of picking tablecloth colours is boring, but checking out the differences in explosive fireworks is fun and gives him something to do.


Browse firework websites and check what’s available. The key things to keep in mind are your budget and any limitations set by your wedding venue. For example, you might have only a specific timeframe available for setting off fireworks and the size of the venue may influence the types of fireworks you can use.
When organising the display on your own, you do get to enjoy a lot more freedom as to what type of display you’ll get. Although DIY displays can also come with a cheaper price tag, you do need to remember it will take time and organisational skills to pull off a great display.
If you want your own display but don’t want the stress yourself, involve a friend or family member.

Ask the venue

Your other option is to check whether your wedding venue is able to organise the fireworks display. A growing number of UK wedding venues cater for different entertainment requests and having someone else to organise the display for you can be a lot less stressful.
If you have found a venue that is able to provide fireworks for you, it is important to ask about the display beforehand to ensure you avoid disappointment on the big day.

love fireworks letters

Ask if they have any video footage or even just photographs of previous displays or if you are able to talk to a previous client about the display. You should also make sure you know the full cost beforehand to guarantee you budget for it properly.
Having your wedding venue organise the display means you don’t need to stress about storage, safety and other such issues. Finding a venue to cater for your needs may be a bit more difficult and will add more spending onto your wedding, but if you’re adamant about wanting a fireworks display, it’s definitely worth considering.

Hire a Professional Fireworks Company

WARNING – Piece of self-promotion coming up! 😉
We have many years of experience providing unique displays to weddings. You can be involved in the designing process and we’ll consider things like your wedding colour and theme in the display if you so wish.
You can view our previous displays on our website and below is an example of one of our wedding fireworks displays from 2010.

Wedding Firework Display 10th October 2010 from Firework Crazy on Vimeo.

You also don’t need to worry about insurance or cleaning up afterwards – we’ll take care of these so you can just relax on your big day. Since our service is personalised according to your needs, you can be sure to find something that’ll suit your wedding budget as well. Tell us where you’re getting married and we’ll even deal with the venue direct, saving you the stress of talking about something else with them!
The above choices all have their advantages and disadvantages. If you want more information regarding wedding fireworks, then contact us and we can sort out something amazing to make your special day even better.

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