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Top 5 Mines

Want to add more depth and impact to your fireworks display? One of the simplest ways to do this is by using mines as part of your show.
With mines, your display will instantly havemore colour and structure. We also love their ability to punctuate music that you might use as part of your show!
If you are looking to add some fun into your parties, these five mines will work great as part of a firework display or as a stunning trick to surprise your friends and family.

1. Vulcan: Brocade

We have a number of great mines by Vulcan and the 75mm Brocade mine is among our favourites. It is the perfect way to add more structure to your show – essential for musical displays.
The mine will shoot a huge column of gold brocade stars, reaching heights of up to 60 feet!
The golden glisten would be especially fitting for wedding firework displays. If you are organising an outdoor wedding, this would be a great addition to your cake cutting ceremony!

2. Sovereign: Gold Rain to Blue

Another one of our favourite mine manufacturer is Sovereign. Their 3-inch mines come in many beautiful colours as well as effects.
The Gold Rain to Blue mine has a stunning double effect to add glamour to your display. The mine shoots a single shot of blue stars into the night sky with gold rain falling down slowly.
The mine would work well as the final firework before your grand finale.

3. Sovereign: Coloured Stars to Silver Dragons

Coloured Stars to Silver Dragons is another great 3-inch mine by Sovereign. It’s a beautiful little mine packing in plenty of oomph for such a small size.
This mine would be the perfect way to start your display, as it’ll immediately catch people’s attention and creates a professional look for your display.

4. Vulcan: Purple and Twilight Glitter

For a bigger bang, with plenty of colour, this Purple and Twilight Glitter mine from Vulcan is a must-have. It adds a stunning display of purple glitter with golden tails on the night sky, creating an instant dramatic effect.
If you are organising a display with music, then a couple of these mines will help you punctuate the music better.

5. Sovereign: White Strobe to Red Crossette

Finally, the White Strobe to Red Crossette mine is an essential pick for a big party. The single shot of white strobes continues to travel up in a stunning red sparkle and ends up by filling the night sky with red crossette.
Looking a way to make an entrance to your birthday party or perhaps even to surprise someone with a secret garden party? Then this mine is a must-have. It’s such a stunning shot that it would be the perfect background for long exposure photos as well.

Mines are short and sweet – adding an instant wow-factor to your fireworks displays. They are great for preparing your audience for a grand finale or a quirky way to surprise people at your garden party.
No matter what the event is, you can add much more depth and structure to your show with a single mine.
Our website currently has plenty of great offers on mines, so go ahead and check them out!

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