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Top 5 Fireworks Videos Shot by Drones 2018

Fireworks displays are now even better with the help of drones. The technology has allowed us all to get up and close with fireworks, filming the majestic shows from new heights!

Drone footage of fireworks is wonderful to watch. If you can’t see the show live, drones will definitely help you enjoy the view later on. There have been stunning videos filmed with drones and these are our five favourites.

New Year’s Eve Fireworks in Norway

The year starts with stunning fireworks displays around the world and plenty of the year’s best New Year’s Eve fireworks were filmed with drones. Our favourite is this footage from the big night in Norway. It shows multiple families firing off fireworks and the cold snow on the ground just adds to the drama. It’s a short clip but definitely worth a watch.


New Year’s Eve Fireworks in London

We also have to include drone footage of London’s marvellous New Year’s Eve fireworks to the list. Our capital, undoubtedly, knows how to throw a great display and they didn’t disappoint this year either. When you include the iconic backdrop of the London Eye and Big Ben, all the fireworks just end up looking even better! The fireworks display starts around 12 minutes into the video.


Victory Day Fireworks in Russia

Victory Day is a big event in Russia and it’s often celebrated with fireworks. If you’d love to view beautiful fireworks and get a good look at the stunning city of St Petersburg, you have to see the below clip.

It was filmed with a drone during the Victory Day fireworks showcasing great scenes and wonderful fireworks. It’s a good quality video and great proof that you don’t need it to be pitch black to enjoy fireworks!


Lake Winnie Fireworks Display in the US

When it comes to fireworks displays, the Fourth of July celebrations in the US always produce the goods. Now that drone technology is widely available, many have started filming their displays on the Independence Day and we get to enjoy the results.

This 10-minute display on Fourth of July in Lake Winnie is definitely up there as one of our favourites. It’s well filmed and the footage gets you right at the heart of the fireworks. The big finale is worth the wait!


Neighbourhood Fireworks in the US

This is another great Fourth of July drone video of fireworks. The great thing about this footage is that it shows how much we love fireworks by filming the whole neighbourhood setting them off. We often don’t notice what’s happening around us when focused on our own display but on big nights like Fourth of July and Bonfire Night, everyone is enjoying fireworks! This video shows how great it can look when you have different people setting off fireworks simultaneously.


If you have a drone with a decent camera, you might want to consider filming your next fireworks display! Just be careful not to get too close, as it can lead to your drone breaking. If you do film your fireworks, we’d love to see it!

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