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Top 3 Catherine Wheels

Fireworks aren’t just magical bursts of colour you shoot up into the night sky. There are so many other quirky products out there allowing you to enjoy the same beautiful effects, but in a very different way.
Catherine wheels are among the best set pieces when it comes to alternative fireworks. They are perfect for garden parties and wheels are the great pick for the times when you don’t want to organise a full display.
Here are our three favourite Catherine wheels from our collection.

1. BlackCat/Standard: Turbo Wheel

The Turbo Wheel has everything you’d expect a good Catherine wheel to have. It has an amazing six gerbs rotating and creating a colourful scene with red, green and yellow sparks.
The wheel starts rotating slowly while increasing the speed and slowing down again midway. The whole display lasts about 60 seconds.
The product is part of our low-noise collection, so you won’t have to worry about spooking out the neighbours.
Although the wheel looks great on its own, you could add a bit more glamour to it by having a few mines on the sides. For instance, you could have two mines go off at the start of your display and two again at the end of the display.

2. Fireworks International: Cyclone Wheel

If you are looking for that extra bit of wow-factor, then Cyclone Wheel is a fantastic pick. It has eight rotating motors producing a stunning number of effects. The wheel lasts around 45 seconds, giving you plenty of time to be amazed.
The Cyclone Wheel, as all the other Catherine wheels, is perfect for garden parties for kids. The wheel is a low-noise product, so you don’t have to worry about the little ones getting scared.Although it is a low-noise product, there is a slight whistling sound to amaze kids as well.
The Cyclone Wheel would be a great addition to a giant-themed kids’ party. You could even craft your own Catherine wheels with the kids and have them wave them around while they enjoy the firework!

3. BlackCat/Standard Big Wheel

The Big Wheel is another great Catherine Wheel by BlackCat/Standard. It’s a 60 second show of colours and ranging effects. You’ll see red, blue, gold and silver filling your garden with crackling effects and little stars.
The Big Wheel is soon out of production, so you won’t have many chances to enjoy this amazing product.

How to Make the Most of Your Catherine Wheels?

If you’ve never used a Catherine wheel before, the following tips will help you make the most of the firework.
You’ll need to have a stable post for attaching the wheel. This could be a wooden garden post, for example.
When you are nailing the wheel into the post, make sure you don’t bang the nail in too tightly. Furthermore, you want the nail pointing out in a downward angle to ensure the Catherine wheel will rotate properly.
Catherine wheels are a great way to add some fun to your party. Make sure you check our full collection for wheels and other set pieces.

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