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Top 10 Global Fireworks Displays

Our fascination with fireworks has led to tons of stunning displays being organised around the world. To share the love, Firework Crazy has picked a few global fireworks displays we find the most exhilarating. These 10 big and bold fireworks displays with bright colours and loud bangs are the perfect entertainment – and source of inspiration for your own fireworks displays.

1. New Year’s Eve Fireworks – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

New Year’s Eve is the most obvious night for experiencing fireworks – no matter where you are in the world you’ll be able to enjoy colourful crackles all around. If you do want to be somewhere with a breath-taking display, you need to find yourself under the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa.

2. Australia Day – Australia

Another famous city for New Year’s Eve fireworks is Sydney, but the start of the New Year is not the only time you can enjoy glorious fireworks in the country. Australians know how to party and throw a good fireworks display and the country is at it every year on January 26.

3. Guy Fawkes Night – The UK

Our beloved Bonfire Night also makes it into the list. The whole country is swept with bigger and better fireworks displays – you have official ceremonies as well as private parties celebrating how the mother of all parliaments once nearly got blown to smithereens. Here’s an example of Guy Fawkes Night fireworks from London last year:

4. Thunder Over Louisville – Louisville, the US

The Kentucky Derby is worth experiencing – the city of Louisville is full of a carnival atmosphere and sporting excellence. It’s also home to a great fireworks display that witnesses over 60 tons of fireworks blown up in the span of 28 minutes.

5. Fourth of July Fireworks – Washington DC, the US

Americans know how to put on a show and they go above and beyond themselves when it comes to their Independence Day (4th of July). What better place to catch the event than in the capital city. Washington DC will see hundreds of thousand people flock near the Capital Building to experience some fantastic fireworks and a joyous atmosphere – and burgers, there will be lots of burgers.

6. Diwali – India

On a list of festivals, you need to experience at least once in your lifetime, Diwali would come close to the top. Diwali is a Hindu festival celebrating the victory of light over darkness; hence, it’s other name Festival of Lights. It involves a lot of gift-giving, stunningly tasty Indian food and fireworks, of course.

7. Montreal Fireworks Competition – Montreal, Canada

The Montreal Fireworks Competition is the largest of its kind. The event lasts for a whole month, so you get to enjoy plenty of stunning displays during it. Fireworks companies across the globe compete by creating 30-minute displays, with the winner taking home the Jupiter award. Here’s a taster by a Swizz company that took part in the competition last year.

8. Malta International Fireworks – Valletta, Malta

The tiny European island of Malta is host to another stunning fireworks competition. Firework groups around the world compete by putting up a show combining fireworks and music. You can read about the show a bit more right here.

9. Chinese New Year – China and around the world

China is the birthplace of fireworks, with the country producing most of today’s favourite fireworks. It’s no wonder then the Chinese know how to organise a great display and what better time to do it then the Chinese New Year. You don’t even have to travel to China to experience this, as most Chinatowns around the world lit up the night sky. Here’s what New York put up this year to mark the occasion:

10. PL Art of Fireworks – Osaka, Japan

Finally, you have Japan, which is another country that truly knows how to put on a great fireworks display. One of the biggest fireworks festivals in the country is built around a religious event by the Church of Perfect Liberty. The festival takes place every year in Tondabayashi, Osaka.

The above selection of the best global fireworks displays is sure to inspire you. If you can’t witness the events live, you can find fireworks to put on your show here at Fireworks Crazy.

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