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Top 10 Garden Fireworks for Any Budget

You don’t always have a big open field to work with when you want to have a fireworks display. But the good news is that you don’t need a massive amount of space for a great show. The solution: garden fireworks. And we have a range of new products to show you.

2019 has given us a whole host of new fireworks to use. We got great new mines and rockets but also a tonne of new garden fireworks for when you are throwing a party at home. Garden fireworks only require an 8-metre safety distance so they are perfect for many smaller gardens and residential areas. Here’s a selection of our favourite ten new garden fireworks for any budget!

Prices quoted below are correct at time of writing and are subject to change.

Comet Sky by Zeus Fireworks

When you want something affordable and fun for your garden party, Comet Sky is a great pick. The new firework fires in straight pattern with the show lasting for 20 seconds. You’ll get to enjoy lovely crackling come tails in luscious golden tone. We recommend firing two of these at once!

You can enjoy 50% off and buy Comet Sky for £2.49.

Astro By Standard Fireworks

Small space doesn’t mean you can’t have rockets! Astro is a new pack of five beautiful rockets suited for garden parties. Each rocket has a lovely glitter and crackle effect and you don’t have to worry about huge bursts of sound with these ones.

Get the five rockets with a 29% discount and buy Astro for £4.99.

Frankinson Harley by Klasek

This garden firework is full of effects and colour! You can enjoy beautiful tones of red and green, with lots of golden palms and silver glitter thrown into the mix. The effects also include lovely crackle flowers. The firework fires 16 shots in the space of 20 seconds.

We’re offering Frankinson Harley with 18% off, costing just £8.99.

Ice Diamond by Jonathans Fireworks

If you want something elegant and glamorous for your garden display, Ice Diamond is a great choice. The firework has been part of the Shindig Selection Box for a while now but this year we’re selling it on its own as well! The beautiful firework has lots of silver and red strobe with a bit of crackle.

You can buy Ice Diamond for £10.99 with 8% off.

Moon Shot by Primed Pyrotechnics

For rocket lovers, you can spend a bit more and buy the Moon Shot, which is a pack of 10 rockets. The flash rockets have a mix of effects and colours to brighten up the night sky. You can enjoy a bit of red strobe, blue stars and silver crackling.

Buy Moon Shot for £14.99.

Nite Tails by Absolute Fireworks

This single effect barrage is a must-have for garden displays. It is a visually stunning firework with beautiful golden horsetails to entertain you. As well as being suitable for garden use, you also don’t have to worry about a huge bang – this one is a great inclusion to garden parties!

Purchase Nite Tails for £14.99.

Sky Jacks by Black Cat Fireworks

Sky Jacks is a mini-SIB and great for any occasion. You get 25 shots in 30 seconds, creating effects like gold brocades and silver glitter. The crackling brocade finish is one of our favourites!

Enjoy 33% off and buy Sky Jacks for £19.99.

Royal Splendor by Skycrafter

Would you like to enjoy 20 bursts of red, blue, aqua and lemon dahlia stars? Then check out Royal Splendor. It’s a beautiful firework, which also uses a stunning red ghost wave effect.

We’re offering Royal Splendor for £19.99 and with a big 50% discount.

Genesis by Zeus Fireworks

If you’re looking for something big and bold for your garden party, check out Genesis. The 49 shot barrage has stunning effects ranging from silver strobe to purple stars. The firework lasts for over a minute so it’s a great display of colour and effects.

You can buy Genesis for £29.99.

Screaming UFO’s by Klasek

For something thrilling, Screaming UFO’s is a must-have. The whistle cake fires an impressive 66 shots in the space of 30 seconds. This one is loud and colourful – just see it yourself from the video below!

We’re currently offering Screaming UFO’s with a 7% discount and you can buy it for £69.99.

The above ten new garden fireworks are bound to provide your garden party with lots of fun entertainment. You can find a firework from the list no matter your budget!

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