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Top 10 Fireworks Videos from 2018

2018 produced some great firework displays, records and YouTube videos. It was another great year showcasing the crazy and fun things you can do with fireworks.

Below are some of the most viewed fireworks videos from 2018!

1. Shooting 30,000 Fireworks at Once

The most popular fireworks videos on YouTube tend to be those you should never try at home. This firework experiment is definitely one of those! In the video, you’ll see a massive 30,000 fireworks shot up at once. The results are rather magnificent, although we must say that fireworks are a lot more fun when you set them off one by one.


2. Lighting a Firework Under Ice

Another popular experimental firework video with over 9 million views looks to settle the question “What happens when you light a firework under ice?” The resulting video is quite a fun watch and surprisingly, you do get a little explosion despite the firework being in contact with the icy water.


3. Top 5 Amazing & Weird Fireworks

We like to do a lot of firework reviews on the website and look up crazy and sometimes weird fireworks stories for you to enjoy. This popular firework video from last year has done something similar, as it looks at five amazing and weird fireworks. The selecting is truly magnificent and surprising! There are some stunning fireworks in this video and the video deserves a lot of views.


4. Spinning Beyblade Firework

All the cool kids were into Beyblades for a while back and it’s no surprise there are tons of YouTube videos detailing tricks and experiments with the toy. Last year, one popular channel decided to attach fireworks to a Beyblade and set it off. The results are fun to watch although you definitely don’t want to try this at home!


5. Launching an Entire Display at Once

This popular video from the UK has been viewed over 400,000 times. It shows what it looks like when an entire fireworks display goes off at once. This one is actually done on purpose and unlike some of the fireworks fails in the past!


6. 4th of July Fireworks Review

Fireworks review videos are popular on YouTube. This review video is from across the pond and it’s – surprise, surprise – looking at different 4th of July fireworks. The selection of fireworks is fun and shows how easy it is to have a bit of fun with fireworks during these big celebrations!


7. Dangerous Diwali Fireworks Experiment

Diwali is one of the most popular festivals that is celebrated with fireworks. In 2018, the festival produced some amazing fireworks and plenty of rather dangerous fireworks experiments. The video below shows what happens when you set off a firework at a zero angle. While these might be fun and crazy to watch, the dangers are real – so always follow safety instructions when handling your fireworks!


8. Enjoying Great Fireworks

Although many of the most viewed YouTube fireworks videos are experiments or big fails, there are great videos celebrating the beauty of fireworks. This review video shows fireworks from a brand called World Class Fireworks – there are lots of fun fireworks in this mix!


9. $6,000 Worth of Fireworks

If you’ve wondered what kind of display is possible if you bought $6,000 (around £4,700) worth of fireworks, the below video will answer it! The video showcases just what you can get with this much money in the US – the fireworks start at around 4:39.


10. Disney Brings Back Remember Dreams Come True Fireworks Show

Disney knows how to do firework displays and this video about their returning Remember Dreams Come True show was a big hit in 2018. The video is nearly 20 minutes long and it features plenty of beautiful fireworks – it has rockets, glitter and falling leaves!


While you definitely don’t want to recreate many of these videos at home, fireworks are fun entertainment for parties of all kinds! You can find plenty of stunning fireworks from the Firework Crazy online store. Don’t forget to share your firework videos with us – maybe you’ll be on this list next year!

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