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Top 10 Fireworks for Diwali 2019

Diwali is the biggest festival in the Hindu calendar and this wonderful festival of light is almost among us. Diwali 2019 takes place on October 27 with lots of events happening across the UK. Fireworks often play a huge role in the celebrations and it is now the perfect time to buy fireworks for Diwali 2019.

Here are our top 10 firework recommendations for this year’s festivities.

Ultimate Battle of Colours by Brothers Pyrotechnics

Because Diwali is the festival of light and colour, you need your fireworks to be bright and vibrant. Ultimate Battle of Colours is a wonderful 25-second firework that unleashes 12 shots of humming stars and palm pistils. There is a lot of colour here with plenty of amazing crackle thrown into the mix as well. You can even use it in a garden since you only need an 8-metre safety distance with this one!

Enjoy 21% off and buy Ultimate Battle of Colours for £9.49.

Afterglow by Celtic Fireworks

We also love this firm favourite from our collection for Diwali. The cake shoots 25 huge titanium chrysanthemum tails and bursts of gold brocade crowns. This beautiful firework would pair nicely with a few rockets.

You can buy Afterglow for £19.99 and save 20% off the original price.

Sidewinder by Black Cat Fireworks

Speaking of rockets, Sidewinder is a set of five stunning rockets by Black Cat Fireworks. These rockets will add plenty of fun effects to your Diwali fireworks display. While each rocket does provide a big impact effect on the sky, these rockets are still suited for garden use – the perfect pick for your home display!

You can buy Sidewinder for £14.99.

Magic Stars Roman Candles by Standard Fireworks

We also got a host of new fireworks for firework season 2019 and a lot of them would look perfect for a Diwali display. We’re particularly excited about these roman candles – you get plenty of noise and colour with these candles. Again, these would pair perfectly with rockets or a colourful mine!

You can now save 10% and buy Magic Stars Roman Candles for £17.99.

Kronos by Absolute Fireworks

If you’re looking for something slightly less noisy, you can find great low noise fireworks from our website. For Diwali 2019, Kronos is a great pick. It has six different effects and lots of colour ranging from red to lemon and gold. The fountain also keeps bursting out the effects for nearly a minute and a half!

Enjoy 11% off and buy Kronos for £7.99.

Crazy Crackles by Celtic Fireworks

If you do enjoy the sound effects of fireworks as much as the colours and designs, Crazy Crackles is perfect for the festival of light. You get 16 shots of silver tails and crackling, illuminating the dark autumn night. This beautiful firework can be paired with others or just enjoyed as it is!

We’re currently offering a massive 25% off and selling Crazy Crackles for £8.99.

Showtime Compound by Jonathans Fireworks

Would you like to sort out your Diwali fireworks at once? Consider buying our latest compound by Jonathans Fireworks. Showtime Compound lasts nearly 2 minutes and 30 seconds, creating 184 shots in unique effects. The firework fuses five different cakes, which results in a stunning standalone display.

You can buy Showtime Compound for £219.99 and save 15% right now.

Imagine by Jorge

Imagine is a funky firework that fits the theme of Diwali well. You get 19 stunning bursts of colour, with plenty of red and purple along with some gold. The 30-second firework is very enjoyable and fun, adding lots of colour to your display.

Buy Imagine for £24.99 and enjoy 17% off the original price.

Neon Sparklers by Klasek

Klasek has provided us with stunning new sparklers. These neon coloured sparklers are a must-have for Diwali and all the kids are going to love them. The pack has eight sparklers and each sparkler lasts almost a minute. Do remember to only use these outdoors!

Buy Neon Sparklers for £3.40.

Supernova by Primed Pyrotechnics

Finally, for something big and impressive, these two rockets are a must-have for a Diwali fireworks display. These are loud with one exploding into massive brocade while the other rocket creates a stunning strobe effect. Supernova is a set of two absolute monsters!

You can get your hands on Supernova for £59.99.

There you have them – 10 stunning fireworks for Diwali 2019. With these fireworks, you can create a lovely display or simply use the fireworks on their own. Don’t forget you can find plenty more fireworks from our website to create a colourful Diwali display!

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