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Top 10 Fireworks for Christmas Celebrations

Christmas celebrations can be kicked up a notch by adding a few fireworks to your night, whether on Christmas Day itself or at other times around the festive season.
Sometimes there’s nothing better than setting off a few fireworks after a hearty Christmas dinner while you are trying to find some room for Christmas pudding!
Fireworks can also brighten up an office party or a party with your friends before the family festivities. Here’s a look at the best fireworks for a Christmas party.

The King by Brothers Pyrotechnics

You’ll need to have a few big rockets at your Christmas display and The King is definitely one of the best rockets you can buy. It creates a massive golden palm in the night sky that will slowly fall down – almost in slow motion! Whereas fireworks are often colourful bursts of colour, this rocket will look like it’s never going away!

The King is a perfect rocket to set off at the end of your display.

Starring by Brothers Pyrotechnics

This firework is a long time family favourite and since it is a category 2 firework, it is suitable for smaller gardens as well. Starring will produce 16 gold comets that will burst into red, green, blue and gold stars with a beautiful crackling. The explosions happen five metres above ground, so it’s a beautiful and impressive sight.

BlackCat/ Standard Big Wheel by Standard Fireworks

If you are looking for something different to add to your Christmas party, then this superb wheel is worth buying. It’s one of the best firework wheels out there and these are often children’s big favourites.

The BlackCat will whiz around for 60 seconds, producing red, green, blue, gold and silver effects such as crackling stars. You can even have your kids craft similar Catherine wheels to go with the show!

Minion by Absolute Fireworks

Minion is one of our new fireworks for 2014 and it has so far been a great success. Not only does this firework mine have a great name, it also looks amazing. It will shoot up 25 shots of gold brocade, dragon eggs, red glitter and green palms. It is the perfect firework to add to your display and would work well at the end of your show.

Rocket Volley by Vulcan

Traditional rockets are the perfect additions to a firework display and the Rocket Volley firework by Vulcan is a great pick. Although it comes with a classic look, it is still guaranteed to grab everyone’s attention.

The firework contains eight rockets that will whoosh in the air simultaneously and explode into a fine gold sparkle. It is a perfect Christmas rocket, which you can use at any part of your display.

Crazy Comets by Absolute Fireworks

Another one of our big hits has been the Crazy Comet firework. This little cake type firework might fool you with its size, but the product actually contains 44 large and colourful explosions.
In addition, the Crazy Comets firework is also one of our low noise products. This means that if you have small children or pets that are afraid of fireworks, this cake only produces the lowest of bangs to ensure everyone can enjoy this without feeling afraid.

Silver Comet Shanghai Candle by Shellscape

Shanghai candles are another great low noise firework, although there will be a small thud as you launch them. The Silver Comet candle will shoot ten shots high into the air. Professionals often use Shanghai candles as well, so it’ll be a great addition to your firework display.

Red to Thunder/ 75mm mine by Vulcan

This stunning 75mm mine is a perfect firework for a spectacular show. The firework will shoot up in a huge column of erupting red stars, adding a bit of festive colour to the night sky. The Red to Thunder firework will explode almost 60 feet above ground, so it is going to look impressive. This firework is perfect to use at the start of your display or in conjunction with a mine.

Splitting Comets by Vulcan

If you want to fill the night sky with colourful bursts, then you might fall in love with one our new fireworks: the Splitting Comets. It might be hard to believe, but this monster of a firework packs in 420 shots that explode in the night sky in 40 seconds! It’s definitely the best firework to kick start your Christmas celebrations.

Stars & Pearls Mine by Royal Party

If you are looking for something loud and explosive, then Stars & Pearls mine will definitely impress everyone at your Christmas party. It provides everything from crackling fountain-fireworks to beautiful chrysanthemum bursts. If you are looking for a firework to finish off your display, then Stars & Pearls should be on your shopping list. It will guarantee your Christmas celebrations have noise and laughter!

Be sure to watch all the videos included in this post or find them on their product pages, and get the best fireworks you can for your 2014 Christmas celebrations!
Cover Image Credit: By Chris Phutully from Australia [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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