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Top 10 Fireworks Effects

When you’re watching a fireworks display, you don’t often have time to say much more than the occasional “Wow!” and “Ooh!” Fireworks are just gripping in the sounds, the colours and, yes, the effects.
Fireworks come with a variety of effects, each with its own unique name. We here at Fireworks Crazy decided to introduce you to our favourite fireworks effects. This is our top ten of the “wows” and “oohs” if you like.

1. Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum is a classic firework effect and it gets its name from the flower. Chrysanthemums come in different designs – some consists of one sphere, while others have multiple spheres. The multiple layers are called double and triple versions. The effect erupts in visible trails in the sphere shape, lasting a while to allow you to enjoy the flowery look.

2. Dahlia

Similar to chrysanthemum is the dahlia effect. It creates a shell like finish without the trailing stars. It also has fewer starbursts and they tend to be rather sizable. The dahlia effect can take the shape of spherical and cylindrical finish.

3. Kamuro

In terms of the names of the effect, nothing beats kamuro. While the others on the list are effects named after animals, plants and flowers, kamuro is named after a Japanese hairstyle. That’s right, the effect of the dense burst with glittery trails is all about the hair.

4. Palm

Another classic firework effect is the palm. As the name suggests, palm mimics the look of the leaves of a palm tree during the explosion. The firework erupts in multiple tendrils and it leaves behind a thick, rising tail.

5. Brocade

You also have the brocade effect in many popular rockets. The effect is fast and loud – the stars that burst from the explosion go straight and flat all over the place. The effect can be enhanced with different colours and glittery effects.

6. Crossette

When it comes to fun effects, crossette is one of the best. The effect is about a crisscrossing effect of the light projectiles shooting in different directions. You often have multiple colours at once, creating an overlapping medley of colours.

7. Horsetail

Horsetail is another fun firework effect. It is created by a compact little burst that slowly starts to fall down. It leaves behind a trail of sparkle that creates an illusion of a horsetail. The effect is sometimes also referred to as waterfall shell.

8. Peony

Another firework effect named after a flower is the peony. It’s relatively similar to chrysanthemum with the difference that the stars are ball-shaped and they do not leave lengthy trails behind.

9. Willow

Willow is an effect named after the willow tree. The effect first creates a star that is then followed by trails hanging from the centre – similar to what a willow tree looks like. Willows tend to be used as the finale of a fireworks display.

10. Fish

Finally, we have fish. Fish is a stable effect in many consumer fireworks and it refers to the effect of wriggling flurries of stars. Fish is often an effect featured in low-noise fireworks, as these small and erratic-looking sparks don’t generate a big bang.

If you enjoyed the above effects, then don’t forget to check out the fireworks celebrating these amazing creations. You can find plenty of them from here at Firework Crazy. Don’t forget to let us know your favourite firework effects on social media!

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