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Top 10 Barrages & Cakes

If you are after stunning effects and bangs of loud noise, barrages and cakes is the firework category to go with. You’ll get some amazing value for money with these products, adding plenty of glitz and glamour to your firework display.
Our range of barrages and cakes is amazing, but we’ve managed to pick our ten favourites to make the selection a bit easier for you!

1. Vulcan: Happy Dragon

The stunning 49-shot barrage is full of amazing and unusual effects. You’ll see horsetails and flying fishes on the night sky during the 40 seconds.
Happy Dragon is a great, although a rather quiet, barrage that’ll surely leave you feeling jolly!

2. Jorge: Wenus

When this cake entered our stores in 2013, we sold out almost instantly! Wenus by Jorge is still one of the most bought cakes in our collection.
The 30-second firework is packed with 25 shots of silver tails, palms and stars. It’s a great addition to a fireworks display.

3. Brothers Pyrotechnics: Diamond Princess

Fireworks are a great addition to your parties and if your guest of honour is a lady, then Diamond Princess is a must-have. It’s fun and it’s quirky – a cool surprise for a hen party, for instance!
The firework is one our newest barrages, but it’s already stolen our hearts with the 28 glittery shots. The gold willows with coloured tips create a beautiful image on a dark sky!

4. Celtic Fireworks: Bite Me

Bite Me is one of the new products for 2015. It’s a small package, but the firepower will definitely surprise you!
The 36 shots of red and green coloured bursts will work well with big rockets in a fireworks display. It’s a great basic firework with enough twists and turns to keep you on your toes!

5. Absolute Fireworks: Twister

Twister is a great firework suitable for all sorts of occasions from big displays to simple garden parties. The 50 shots are going to produce a multitude of effects from red stars to silver comets.
It’s definitely a mini-display in its own right, as it lasts a stunning 45 seconds.

6. Tai Pan: Candy Flies

This category 2 cake is simply stunning. Candy Flies fires its 25 shots in a Z firing pattern, with stunning glittery effects floating through the sky.
It packs quite a bit of punch, although you might easily underestimate it. It’s also part of our May Madness sale, so you want to get yours quickly!

7. Celtic Fireworks: Colourful Crossette

Colourful Crossette is another one of our new products for 2015 and we absolutely love it!
The low-noise firework shouldn’t let the missing bangs fool you, as the firework is part of our semi-professional range. The 25 shots will create some stunning scenes for you to enjoy.

8. Vulcan: Red Dahlia

Red Dahlia is another stable cake from our collection. The 20 seconds are filled with 25 shots, so it packs a punch.
You’ll get to enjoy five shots fired in a volley-like shape, with three silver spinning tales breaking from this and with two stunning red dahlias creating a lovely finishing touch.

9. Absolute Fireworks: Super Brocade

The Super Brocade is the perfect firework for wedding or anniversary displays. It’s full of glamour and elegance, with the amazing golden brocade crowns filling the night sky.
The hang time is simply stunning, as you’ll feel like the falling tails never disappear from the sky. It’s simply a stunning 40-second display of sparkle.

10.Skycrafter: Seismic Blast

The Seismic Blast is a cake like no other. The 49 bursts of colour come in a multitude of effects and you’ll surely enjoy the changes in the firing speed as well.
It’s great value for money – if you are quick, you can get it for half price on our website!

Our range of barrages and cakes has something for all occasions. Whether you are looking to organise a display for your party or you just want to have some fun with friends, the opportunities in the range are endless.
Check out the selection and have some fun!

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