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Top 10: Castillos de Torre

The world is full of fantastic festivals involving fireworks, but the Castillos de Torre, part of the National Pyrotechnic Festival in Mexico, is among the best. The event takes place in the region of Tultepec, Mexico, between the 1st and 10th of March.
For one week, the region is filled with fantastic and fun firework extravaganzas. You have pyrotechnic teams competing against each other by creating the best firework displays, as well as a ton of other weird events, such as the Castillos de Torre, entertaining huge crowds.
The basic premise of Castillos de Torre is all about creating a tower of fireworks and stunning the viewers with colourful displays and funky music.
To celebrate this weird and wonderful festival, we have picked our top 10 Castillos de Torre videos for you to enjoy!

Shiny Red Wheels

The first spot goes to this fantastic video of two giant firework wheels going around a huge tower. The wheels go on for almost five minutes and the colours range from bright red to shiny silver!

Circling Stars and Flowers

This video is from the main event in 2010 and it’s a magnificent display of colourful fireworks. You have circling stars and flowers going around the big tower with sparklers going off right next to them. There’s even glittery letters towards the end!

Whizzing Tower of Fun

This is another great participant from the year 2010. The video starts slowly with a single whizzing tower at the centre, but it all kicks off soon and you don’t know where to look! Fantastic fun with lights and fireworks!

Invasion of Rockets

This video has some massive rockets scattered in between smaller fireworks. When we say massive, we really mean it, as these monsters go high up in the sky! The video is from the competition in 2012 and it seems like things get better every year!

Spiral Tower of Colour

This video may not have the same glamour of the above videos and it certainly doesn’t feature as many fireworks, but the spiralling tower is still awesome. A 20 metre tall tower spiralling away with rainbow coloured fireworks is never a bad sight for the eyes!

Whizzing Butterfly

In 2010, the festival in Jalisco also featured a giant wheel designed to look like a butterfly! Well, it wasn’t even just a butterfly since the display also featured a whizzing flower, a frog and tons of exploding sparklers and rockets.

Giant Circling Head

This video is a bit newer from the year 2013 and it sure packs a punch in the 17-minutes it goes on. There are so many things going on that you can’t help but wonder how long it took them to prepare it! The giant circling head was definitely a great part of the display.

Wonderful Tractor

We just love the whizzing tractor from this participant in last year’s competition! It is such a quirky detail. The hypnotic circles are also fantastic – just try not to get dizzy watching them!

A Row of Wheels

This video from 2011 features amazing smaller wheels right next to each other. The small wheels of fire change their design while turning around, which looks pretty amazing!

Setting it Up

The final video is a bit long, but we wanted to include it in the list because it shows how one group got ready for the competition in 2014. It also shows their amazing final show with lit up towers and explosive fireworks.


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