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The World's Biggest Bonfires

Bonfires will most likely make you think of the Bonfire Night here in Britain. On November 5th, we light up bonfires and fireworks to commemorate one night in 1605 when the Parliament nearly went up in flames. It’s a quirky and uniquely British event, with huge bonfires at the heart of it all.
However, bonfires are not just lit up in Britain and during November 5th. There are quirky festivals around the world that each year witness massive bonfires being built. If you are a fan of bonfires, then here are the world’s biggest bonfires to get you in the mood for the Bonfire Night ahead of us.

Ålesund, Norway

Norway celebrates the Midsummer festival each June with big bonfires. In Ålesund, a group of daredevils has taken this tradition to the next level by building bigger bonfires every year. Last summer, they set a new world record by creating a bonfire that was measured at 47.4 metres, which is the world’s tallest bonfire.
Perhaps the most impressive part about the bonfire is how it was built. The structure is handmade – no machinery was used to build it. The material mainly consists of pellets. It’s quite an impressive sight to see!


Scheveningen & Duindorp, the Netherlands

The Dutch also know how to create massive bonfires. The town of Scheveningen competes with Duindorp over which city gets to build the biggest bonfire. This quirky event takes place between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, with crowds gathering to look at the build-up as well as the actual firing of the bonfire.
On December 31st in 2015, Scheveningen built a bonfire that was over 8,500 cubic metres long. This huge structure is still one of the world’s largest bonfires in terms of size.

Lewes, East Sussex

In terms of the UK bonfires, nothing beats Lewes. The biggest and the most atmospheric Bonfire Night celebrations take place here every year. Not only will the city feature a huge bonfire but the streets are also paraded with huge fiery infernos – not to mention the stunning firework displays that take place.
The parade across the city streets will also feature wooden figurines of famous people. It’s always interesting to see who has pressed enough buttons this year to make it as a puppet.
Below is a great video of the parade from last year:


Midsummer Common, Cambridge

The other giant bonfire in the UK happens in Midsummer Common. It is one of the largest events in eastern England and a great occasion for even the smallest members of the family.
The huge bonfire can be seen quite far and you have official viewing platforms for the fireworks in Midsummer Common and Jesus Green. You can attend the event for free, although small donations are highly encouraged and go towards making the event happen in the first place.
The above occasions have featured the world’s biggest bonfires and these special events continue to create stunning bonfires to this day. It’s certain that past records will be broken and another huge bonfire will be lit up in the future.
Remember that if you are looking to celebrate Bonfire Night this year, you can find plenty of great fireworks from the Firework Crazy store.

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