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The A-Z of Fireworks

Fireworks are much more than just astonishing and jaw-dropping flashes and bangs of fun. There are so many interesting facts to know about fireworks and many types of fireworks to explore. To let everyone in on the great fun of fireworks, we’ve created the A – Z of fireworks!

A is for Aerial Shell

Aerial shells are not available for the public to buy, as they are a category 4 type of firework. These pack a bunch and are a big part of professional displays.

B is for Barrage

Barrage refers to the sustained release of fireworks. You can often achieve it with cake or roman candle types of fireworks.

C if for China

Fireworks originate from China and there are still plenty named after the birth country, such as Chinese lanterns and Chinese crackers. The country continues to be the biggest manufacturer of fireworks in the world.

D is for Displays

Fireworks displays are so popular, there are plenty of competitions around the world to find out who does it best. Displays often combine music with fireworks. Look at the beautiful display created for the New Year in London in 2016/2017.


E is for Elements

Fireworks are essentially just chemistry at play. Different elements even help create the different colours you see during the explosions. Interestingly, blue is the hardest colour to make!

F is for Fountain

Fountains are fireworks that shoot in rapid or continuous fashion, creating a cone-like effect of colour and crackling noise.

G is for Glitter

There is nothing more stunning than a dark night sky and glittery fun of fireworks. Glitter bombs are popular and they can add plenty of magic to your display. Check out the popular glitter firework by Skycrafter:


H is for Health and Safety

Fireworks are beautiful and plenty of fun, but they can also be dangerous if you don’t know how to use them. Take care of health and safety whenever you are using fireworks!

I is for Indoor Fireworks

Fireworks are not just something to enjoy outdoors, as you can find plenty of indoor fireworks. Generally, these sparkler-type fireworks can add a bit of magic to your parties.

J is for Jumping Jack

The infamous firework is no longer available in the UK. Sometimes fireworks are not handled or manufactured properly and therefore, you end up with a disaster. So, never forget about health and safety when enjoying fireworks!

K is for Kraken

If you are looking for a firework with plenty of different formations and sounds, Absolute Fireworks’ Kraken is a perfect choice. The product packs over 100 shots into a minute.

L is for Low Noise Fireworks

As well as having indoor fireworks, you can also find low noise fireworks from Fireworks Crazy. These are perfect for parties with small children – the bang is much less loud and scary, but the colours and shapes are just as bright and beautiful!

M is for Mines

Mines are popular fireworks and they are often used for impact in professional displays. They shoot a number of fireworks straight up in a cone-like formation, either at the same time or one after another.

N is for New Year’s Eve

The event that’s most associated with fireworks has to be New Year’s Eve. Look at this compilation of fireworks across the globe in 2015/2016 and be amazed at the professionalism that goes to creating a fireworks display.


O is for Oblivion

Oblivion is part of our Pro-FX range, creating a crackling display of colour and sound. The firework shoots 36 shots in 40 seconds and it comes packed with 787 grams of powder!

P is for Powder Weight

Each firework consists of the fiery powder that helps the product to ignite and blow up. The powder weight is the amount of powder each firework has and often implies how big the explosion will be – the more powder, the bigger the bang.

Q is for Queen Elizabeth I

Queen Elizabeth serves a spot in the A – Z of fireworks. Because she was so fascinated by them, she started handing out the title ‘Fire Master of England’. The title was given to the person who created the most impressive fireworks.

queen elizabeth


R is for Rockets

If you are after something big and impressive, you need to check out the rockets section at a fireworks store. Rockets are fireworks that shoot far into the sky, creating a massive explosion of colour and effects.

S is for Sparklers

Sparklers are nostalgic and fun fireworks – it’s a popular pick for parties. You can have big sparklers or small ones that can be used indoors.

T is for ‘Treaties on Fireworks’

In 1706, Amédéé-François Frézier published a book called ‘Treaties on Fireworks’. The publication became a popular text to help firework manufacturers produce the best types of fireworks.

U is for Underwear

Yes, underwear matters when it comes to making fireworks. Synthetic materials can create sparks from static and this could detonate the fireworks the person is making. The solution is to wear cotton clothing, even underwear!

V is for Volume

While many people adore fireworks for the sounds, animals often can’t stand the loud sounds of fireworks. The volume can be controlled and the sounds changed with different elements. For example, aluminium flakes create the hissing sounds of some fireworks.

W is for Wheels

Catherine wheels were among the earliest of fireworks and wheels are a popular, simple firework to add to parties and events. Here’s an example of this fast rotating firework.


X is for X-Firing Pattern

Fireworks can set off in different ways and x-firing pattern is a popular pattern. It means the firework fires in both directions, creating an X-pattern on the sky.

Y is for the Yeoman of the Guard

Guy Fawkes plotted to blow up the Parliament and ended up providing us with the UK’s biggest fireworks event: the Bonfire Night. The plot also started a tradition involving the Yeoman of the Guard – the guards search the cellars by candlelight at the start of each State Opening of the Parliament.

yeoman of the guard


Z is for Zodiac

Zodiac is a fantastic little firework from Planet Fireworks. It’s a 16-shot cake that shoots colourful coconuts before finishing with crackling mines and flowers.
There you have it – the A – Z of fireworks! If you want to get your hands on the products above, just check out the fireworks collection here at Fireworks Crazy.

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