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Skycrafter New for Firework Season 2017

Today at Firework Crazy we are presenting the latest fireworks by Skycrafter. The brand is a subsidiary of Brothers Pyrotechnics so you can expect many impressive effects. The great thing about Skycrafter fireworks is the pricing – they are suitable for all sorts of budgets and we’ve also thrown in quite a few offers to keep the costs down.
Please note that prices mentioned here are correct as of 19th October 2017, and we may need to change prices and offers periodically.

100-shot roman candles

Skycrafter has produced two stunning 100-shot roman candles that are a perfect addition to your garden display. You could enjoy Snappy Days, which has 100 shots of popping stars and bright colours. The other fun roman candle is Stinging Bees, which has a fantastic whistling effect going for it. Both fireworks are currently just £7.99 and if you buy one you can get another one free! Below is a clip of Snappy Days in action:


Firework packs

Skycrafter has also sent us a range of cool firework packs. Each pack contains multiple products with a similar theme.
The Lava Family is a pack of 4 conical fountain-fireworks. It’s a low noise firework and it’s suitable for small garden parties. You can buy it with a 50% discount, with this stunning pack costing you just £6.99.
Thermo Shock is another low noise firework pack, containing six amazing cakes. Each cake fires 19 shots and lasts for 25 seconds. It’s also on offer with a price tag of £19.99 – a 50% off the usual retail price.

12-shot cakes

We’re also loving the new 12-shot cakes by Skycrafter. There are three different variations of the cakes. Each of these cakes is just £12.99 and we’re currently running a Buy One Get One Free offer on them.
The first 12-shot cake is Button Moon. It’s full of colour from bursts of red and green to white strobe. You can also enjoy plenty of purple, orange and blue!

You might also enjoy Snow Flake to Avalanche. It’s a cake with shots of red tails and golden willows. There are also sparkles of green, blue and lemon thrown in.
If you like something super colourful and cute, check out Immortal Jellyfish. It fires bursts of brocade crowns and red, blue, green and orange stars.

36-shot cakes

To turn up the heat, you could also get your hands on the two new 36-shot cakes by Skycrafter. You can enjoy 40% off with both of these garden fireworks.
First, you have the Nutty Carnival. The cake is full of bursts of red, green, blue, purple and lemon palms with plenty of crackling effects. With the offer in place, you can buy Nutty Carnival for just £29.99.

You could also get your hands on Festival for just £32.99. This cake is all about effects ranging from brocade crowns to bursts of falling leaves. It’s a beautiful little firework to add to your display.

80-shot cakes

You want more shots? Then Skycrafter’s 80-shot cakes are the ones for you. We’ve put them on sale with 50% off so you could enjoy these stunning cakes for just £79.99 each.
Raging Inferno is a unique firework with a huge range of colours. You get silver, pink, blue, red, purple and green strobe and glitter effects with this cake.

What about some bouquet mines and fizzy palms? If you like these effects, you’ll love Raise the Roof. It also features colourful dahlias and gold brocade.
Finally, there’s Redemption. It packs a punch with its loud effects and colourful brocade finishing. It is definitely a mind-blowing firework experience.

The over 100-shot cakes

Now, Skycrafter has gone even further. We have three new fireworks with 100 or more shots in unbelievable prices from the supplier.
You can enjoy 100-shots in 45 seconds with Splitter. It’s a display of crossettes with tons of gold crackling. We’re offering Splitter half price and it will cost you just £64.99.

You could go four shots higher with The Real Mackay compound firework. This minute-long firework has monster bursts and bright colours to entertain you. It’s currently half price, costing just £114.99.
Finally, you have Sky Boss. The three-minute firework shoots an impressive 110 shots in a mixed firing pattern. You’ll see chrysanthemums, brocade, fizzing palms and crackling rain. Sky Boss is currently available for £99.99.
The above fireworks are worth adding to your displays this firework season. Find more offers and new fireworks from our online store.

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