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Infamous by Brothers Pyrotechnics

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  • Firework Category
    Cat F3
  • Distance
    25 Metres
  • Shots
  • Duration
    80 Secs
  • Noise Level
  • Height
    30 Metres
  • Firing Pattern
  • Tube Size
  • Hazard Class
  • Powder Weight

NEW FOR 2023


What an absolute monster of a compound! 5 individual fireworks all pre-linked to make this ultimate giant of a finale cake! I can’t begin to explain how bonkers this firework is, but I’ll try.


Starting with straight firing huge bursts of brocades and white strobe stars, V firing stobes to time rain crackle, more brocade to green strobe, a bonkers W section of white glitter mines with red tails to white glitter above (these breaks are like pro shells!!), red tails to huge brocades with red and green tips, V firing green dahlias to crackling, more brocades with green strobe and a bonkers finale of W firing green strobe mines to the same above, more brocades and then a sky filling W of brocade mines, red tails to brocade and crackling flowers. This is just absolutely insane! The bursts are huge, the colours are vivid and it’s loud, seriously loud. If this doesn’t leave you and your audience speechless and I don’t know what will.


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Infamous by Brothers Pyrotechnics
Infamous by Brothers Pyrotechnics
329.99 36% off£209.99

Out of stock

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