Low Noise Fireworks

Low noise fireworks are a fantastic choice for special occasions, from weddings to private parties. Our fireworks are expertly crafted to minimize sound while providing a breathtaking visual show. This is ideal for outdoor wedding venues near residential areas or wildlife, as they will not disturb those around. With a wide selection of low noise fireworks, including sparklers, fountains and roman candles, we can provide you with quality low noise fireworks. All our fireworks are made with quality materials, ensuring they are safe and hassle-free to use. When it comes to low noise fireworks, nobody does it better than Fireworks Crazy.

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An Introduction to Low Noise Fireworks


Low sound fireworks are becoming popular for their reduced noise level, making them a sensible choice for outdoor events or in built-up areas. These pyrotechnic displays are designed to create minimal sound and are less disruptive to the local community and wildlife. The main benefit of using low noise fireworks is that they do not disturb residents and their surroundings.


Low noise fireworks offer the same visual appeal of traditional fireworks with the added benefit of being more considerate to the community and environment. In addition, they are a safe choice for events close to hospitals or nursing homes, as they won’t cause distress to patients or residents. They are also ideal for nighttime events, as they won’t disturb people who are trying to sleep. Finally, low noise fireworks are great for special occasions such as weddings, as they allow the focus to remain on the ceremony instead of loud fireworks.

The Benefits Of Quiet Fireworks


Quiet fireworks have many attractions and are ideal for a variety of reasons, especially small garden firework displays.

These fireworks are still incredibly effective and spectacular, just with minimised noise levels. These low noise attributes can be suitable for displays with children and the elderly in close proximity.

Some no sound fireworks also have particularly unique patterns and can be more colourful than others, making you feel satisfied and not like you’re missing out on normal fireworks.

Our low noise roman candles exemplify this perfectly, emitting beautiful patterns without the noise.


A Variety Of Quiet Fireworks


Fireworks don’t have to be noisy to be great!  We believe we have the biggest and best low noise fireworks in the UK.

Full of oohs, ahhh’s and colour, but no bangs. Our wide range of no sound fireworks includes fountain fireworks, Catherine wheels, barrages/cakes and more.

All of these fireworks do make some noise but are free from loud bangs – only crackles and low noise levels.


Firework Safety


We all know how fun and exciting fireworks displays can be, but it is vital that we all remember that this is only possible with the correct safety procedures in place. This is why we have a firework safety page that covers all the essential details for creating a safe display.

Additionally, you can view The Firework Regulations (2004) and The Pyrotechnic Articles (Safety) Regulations 2015 for more information.


Delivery Options


At our company, our standard delivery time is 1-2 working days across all of mainland UK. Whether you need your fireworks now or can wait until closer to display time, we will always provide the quickest turnaround and most efficient service possible!

For those who spend £249 or more on fireworks, depending on where they live in the UK, they can get their order free of charge!

Get full details of our firework deliveries here.


How do low-noise fireworks work?

To avoid noise pollution, fireworks have been created that are silent or low noise. They contain much less flash powder, which is the chemical that generates the large bangs that are familiar with fireworks.

This reduction in the flash powder means that instead of a bang, you get more of the pop or thump sound.

While there is still some noise, the noise from the chemical concoction is at a much lower decibel now that it has been reduced in amount.

A quiet firework produces about half the noise a normal one does and ground effect fireworks can make almost no sound at all!

Rockets and firework mines tend to be quite loud, so if you are looking to have a quiet display, it would be best to avoid these.


Are low noise fireworks suitable for my pets?

For all pet lovers and parents, you will be happy to hear that low noise fireworks are perfect for sound suppression.

It is a well-known concern that pets can be badly affected by the sound of fireworks, as well as young children.

However, no sound fireworks avoid this problem as they provide the lights and colours with a bit of a spark but there is no loud explosion.

They also don’t have the screaming sound that some fireworks do as they are launched into the air.


Are no sound fireworks allowed in my country?

Of course, the legalities regarding fireworks vary from country to country. However, quiet fireworks have become widely regarded as a great resolve to allow fireworks but limit the noise pollution bi-product they provide. Always remember to check their legality to make sure they are suitable within the area you are planning to use them in.


Looking for something a bit louder?

If you’re looking for something that creates a little less noise, then we’ve got you covered in that department too. Fireworks Crazy also specialise in the supply of loud fireworks that are either 1.3g or 1.4g and have noise levels of 4 and 5. Head over to our loud fireworks page for the biggest bang fireworks.

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