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Low Noise - Quiet Fireworks

Fireworks don’t have to be noisy to be great!  We believe we have the biggest and best selection of ‘Low Noise’ or ‘Quiet Fireworks’ in the UK. Full of oohs, ahhh’s and colour, but no bangs. Remember, despite the press telling people otherwise, there’s no such thing as ‘Silent Fireworks’ every firework makes some sort of noise. But we guarantee that there’s no loud bangs here, just some snap, crackle and pop!

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Benefits Of Low Noise Fireworks

Low noise fireworks have many attractions and are ideal for a variety of reasons, especially small garden firework displays. Low noise fireworks are still incredibly effective and spectacular, just with minimised noise levels. These low noise attributes can be suitable for displays with children and the elderly in close proximity or pets who can be badly affected by loud firework displays.

A Variety Of Low Noise Fireworks

Our wide range of low noise fireworks include fountains, Catherine wheels, barrages/cakes and more. All of our low noise fireworks do make some noise but are free from loud bangs – only crackles and low noise levels.

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