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Planning Fireworks for a Garden Wedding

A firework display at your wedding reception, held in your own back garden with close family members, is the ideal way to celebrate your big day. With Hitched reporting that the average wedding costs British couples £33,884, it’s easy to see why those due to wed would ditch the traditional wedding reception and head to the great outdoors. When you’re planning a big firework display so close to property, it’s important you take health and safety into consideration. Of course, you’ll need to factor the expense into your wedding budget, too, along with the cost of your ideal wedding reception lighting, catering and music.

Financing Your Wedding

Once you’re engaged, it’s time to set a date and get planning. If you haven’t got a fair amount of savings to fall back on, it’s advisable to book your wedding one or two years into the future to give you ample time to build your finances. Working overtime or taking on an additional job are ideal ways to save for your nuptials. It’s also advisable to open a savings account or ISAand set up a standing order for a set amount of your earnings to be automatically transferred across each month.

Budgeting for Fireworks

Once you’ve reached your wedding budget goal, set aside a set figure for each of your expected expenses. A typical display can cost anywhere from a few hundred pounds to several thousand, depending on the length of the display and the fireworks chosen. It’s recommended that you choose a maximum amount that you’d like to spend on your firework display before contacting local professional firework display companies to see what they can offer you for your budget.

Garden Safety & The Law

It’s against the law to let fireworks off between 11pm and 7am, so, ensure your display is complete before this time. The law also states that large events with lots of people where there is music and alcohol may require a licence. You’ll require lots more space than you realise to safely release your fireworks. The safety area should be a minimum of 25 metres, although, it’s always best to have more, while, your fall out area needs to be between 30 and 50 metres. It’s vital that this space is free from any garden furniture or features, such as, tables and chairs, large outdoor water features, sheds, playhouses and kids’ toys.
Alcohol usually flows at a wedding reception. However, for optimum safety, it’s vital that the person letting the fireworks off is sober and takes into consideration all health and safety aspects. Alternatively, hire a professional firer with expert experience, insurance and who will conduct an in depth risk assessment of the garden to ensure your display and wedding reception goes off without a hitch. They’ll also know the ins and outs of all the different types of fireworks and will be able to safely attach a Catherine wheel to a post and securely place a fountain between two boards, for example. You can get a quote for a wedding fireworks display from Firework Crazy here.
A garden wedding reception complete with a stunning firework display is the perfect way to cut the cost of your wedding. For the ultimate experience, ensure you have a reasonable sized budget and that all healthy and safety aspects are reviewed before any fireworks are lit.

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