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Our Top 5 Low Noise Fireworks

Although there is something exhilarating in the loud bangs fireworks make, there are situations where you just want enjoy the colourful bursts. You might have small children or animals,which don’t quite appreciate the loud noises or you might want to spare your neighbours from the fun you are having!

Low noise fireworks are perfect for these occasions. If you want to enjoy the best aspects of fireworks and skip the loud explosive sounds, check out the below products.

1. Celtic Fireworks: Tequila Sunrise

Tequila Sunrise is a classic firework without the loud bangs. It shoots 25 colourful bursts on to the night sky, reaching heights of up to 15 meters. The firework display lasts for 30 seconds and it is guaranteed to impress your crowds.
The firework could definitely work as a small standalone firework at a garden party or you could pair it up with some of the other great fireworks on this list.

2.Shellscape: Shanghai Candle – Gold Comet

If you are looking for a great candle-type firework, the Shellscape range is among the best in the business. This Gold Comet firework is especially great for its low thud-like sound effect.
The candle comes with ten shots, firing the amazing golden comets to heights of up to 25 meters! It’s often used in semi professional and professional displays, so you are sure to impress your audiences.

3. Jorge: Uran

Cake-type fireworks aren’t typically known for their quiet sound effects, but Uran is a lovely unique firework that stands out from the crowd. The 25 amazing shots won’t be a nuisance to your ears, but they will impress you!
You’ll be able to enjoy silver glitter and red, green and purple stars – a stunning range of effects in such a small package.

4.BlackCat/Standard: Big Wheel

You might also be happy to find out that our low noise firework collection also has a range of Catherine wheels for you to enjoy! The Big Wheel is definitely one our best sellers and perfect for children’s parties.
The wheel runs for 60 seconds, creating a lovely range of effects and colours for you to enjoy. Just give a few sparklers for the audience to hold as you set off the wheel for a stunning display of sparkle!
Unfortunately, the wheel is running out of production; so get yours while you still can!

5. Jorge: White Stobes

Finally, these amazing white strobes, or the so-called Bengali blinkers, are great addition to your party. This is the ultimate firework for a hen night or stag-do!
There are so many fun ways to use these fireworks! You could place them behind nearby trees for a spooky eerie effect or combine the strobes with music. A must-have for a fun night out with friends!

Fireworks can be stunning and fun even without the loud explosive noises. If you want to have bursts of colour but skip the bangs, then the low noise collection will provide you with a great selection of suitable fireworks.
If you don’t mind a bit of sound, then check out the rest of our fireworks!

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