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New Single Ignition Boxes for Firework Season 2019 – Part Two

Fireworks don’t get much better than the Single Ignition Boxes (SIB). They don’t require a lot of set up but will provide you with a full display with ranging effects and colours. Today we’ll be looking at the latest SIBs in our collection and we have another set of massive SIBs for firework season 2019 to present to you!

Please note that prices quoted below were correct at time of writing and are subject to change.

Partička by Klasek

If you want to experience plenty of pastel colours and stunning effects, get your hands on Partička. The SIB shoots 88 shots with stunning strobe and palm bursts. You’ll also get a beautiful titanium salute finale, with the firework lasting for 90 seconds.

You can currently enjoy 21% off and buy Partička for £74.99.

End Game by Absolute Fireworks

End Game is a multi-effect and multi-firing SIB. You can enjoy stunning and vivid colours from red to blue for well over a minute. The firework fires 125 shots so there is a lot to see.

Buy End Game for £79.99 and enjoy 11% off.

Fireworks Show 128 by Klasek

This stunning firework is a two cake compound SIB. It’s an impressive firework with gold brocades and silver and orange glitter. The effects also include multi-colour bursts and massive silver strobe. For 105 seconds, you get to enjoy a lot of action!

We’re currently giving you a 20% discount and you can buy Fireworks Show 128 for £79.99.

Final Curtain by Celtic Fireworks

Final Curtain is a stunner, combining four barrages together. You can enjoy a mixed firing pattern with lots of effects ranging from whistles to crackle. The firework lasts for 70 seconds and fires 100 shots.

Enjoy 18% off the original price and buy Final Curtain for £89.99.

BOBR by Klasek

This SIB by Klasek has a lot going on. You get multi-colour starbursts and silver glitter with a mixed firing pattern. The colours are beautifully vivid and there’s a lot of lovely change in terms of what comes next.

You can enjoy 25% off and buy BOBR for £89.99.

Hell by Klasek

Hell is another varied SIB from Klased. Within a minute, you can witness 134 shots with a mixed firing pattern. The effects range of stars to glitter and brocade. The titanium salute finale is one of our favourites!

Get 25% off and buy Hell for £89.99.

Independence Day by Black Cat Fireworks

You don’t want to miss out on this stunning SIB! It fires 110 shots in the colours of freedom: red, white and blue! The effects have it all from palm bursts to star comets. It’s fun, loud and perfect for any party – especially the 4th of July!

You can buy Independence Day for £99.99 and get 9% off the original price.

Fan-Tastic by Celtic Fireworks

Fan-Tastic is such a fantastic firework that we think it will become a bestseller. The firing pattern is mixed, with the effects including silver serpent tails and fanned brocade. The final is our favourite and it creates a fast paced finish for you to enjoy with chrysanthemums and mines.

We’re currently offering Fan-Tastic with a 17% discount and you can buy it for £99.99.

Mother Load by Celtic Fireworks

Mother Load is one of those fireworks that just gets better and better! The beautiful blue stars and glittering willows at the start turn into stunning blue and green starbursts. In the end, you’ll also see amazing titanium chrysanthemum mines with a stunning red glitter effect!

Buy Mother Load for £99.99 and enjoy 20% off.

Crazy Night by Klasek

Crazy Night is a stunner with 98 shots in 90 seconds. The firing pattern is straight, shooting beautiful palm bursts and shimmering glitter on the night sky. There are lots of colours that create a fun and vivid display.

You can save 17% and buy Crazy Night for £99.99.

As you can see, we have a great new selection of SIBs to cover your fireworks parties in the next couple of months. We’ll be back soon with the final new SIBs in our range for 2019!

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