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New Single Ignition Boxes for Firework Season 2019 – Part One

Love fireworks and taking it easy? If so, then single Ignition Boxes (SIBs) are the perfect choice for your parties. These fantastic boxes have all the effects you need for a great display and we got a range of new products for you to fall in love with. Let’s take a look at the best new single ignition boxes for firework season 2019.

Please note that prices listed below were correct at time of writing and are subject to change.

Signature Series by Klasek

Klasek is a master of stunning SIBs and they have a range of new products out for the season. Their special Signature –range comes with amazing special effects and themed styles.

The first one in the series is the C33MSIG that fires 33 shots in a mixed firing pattern. You get lovely silver layering with lots of beautiful red glitter. The firework lasts for 30 seconds and we’re currently offering it with a 10% discount. Buy C33MSIG for £35.99.

Then there’s the C41MSIG, which is another firework with a mixed firing pattern. The effects of this one include beautiful silver glitter mines, bursts of green and purple crackling palms and golden brocade. You can buy C41MSIG for £47.99 and save 13%.

The C6620SIG is a monster! You get 66 shots of red stars, crackling palms, titanium salutes and more in the space of 50 seconds. The mixed firing pattern gives the firework a professional look – it’s almost like watching a huge display! We’re also selling C6620SIG with a 13% discount, costing just £52.49.

But it does get bigger than that with the Signature-series. C9020SIG lasts for 100 seconds, firing 90 shots in a straight firing pattern. You get to enjoy red bursts with silver strobe and unique gold palm bursts with blue stars. It’s a wonderful multi-coloured firework and you can buy C9020SIG for £59.99, saving 14% off the original price.

You’ll also love C503SIGA, which is a massive SIB. You get to enjoy 50 shots in 60 seconds, with beautiful red stars to silver glitter and multi-coloured tipped palm bursts among other things. It has so many unique effects going on that you have to see it to believe it! You can enjoy 14% off and buy C503SIGA for £76.99.

C64MSIG is another banger with 64-shots. The straight firing firework picks up the pace as it goes along, creating bursts of silver glitter and brocade crowns. It also has beautiful red, purple and blue effects. You can find it with a 15% discount and buy C64MSIG for £84.99.

Firebrand by Black Cat Fireworks

It’s hard to believe this SIB is a garden firework because it has so much going on. The firework goes on for a minute, shooting 50 shots and creating effects like red tails and purple stars. There’s a lot of colour and crackle for you to enjoy!

Buy Firebrand for £39.99 and enjoy 11% off.

Flash, Bang, Wallop by Jonathans Fireworks

We love the name of this firework as much as its effects! You get stunning red stars with silver strobe and unusual red glitter falling leaves that turn into crackle flowers. It’s wonderful and fun – a must-have for your autumn parties!

Buy Flash, Bang, Wallop for £44.99 and enjoy 10% off.

Witchcraft by Standard Fireworks

With Witchcraft, you can enjoy 100 shots of pure joy. The firework shoots beautiful golden comet tails that bursts into multi-coloured palms. There is also a beautiful red strobe effect thrown into the mix.

You can save 8% and buy Witchcraft for £54.99.

10 Out of 10 by Celtic Fireworks

This new SIB has it all! It comes with a range of effects and colours, producing lots of glitter and crackling on the night sky. You’ll get to witness 100 shot, with the firework lasting for over a minute.

We’re currently offering 10 Out of 10 with a 21% discount, costing you just £54.99.

The Rival by Brothers Pyrotechnics

Brothers Pyrotechnics has created a huge new SIB with The Rival. You get 164 shots firing for 105 seconds in a mixed firing pattern. The effects include stunning brocade mine lifts and lots of strobes. You’ll also get to enjoy falling leaves and beautiful blue star bouquets.

Save 30% and buy The Rival for £62.99.

Quantum by Zeus Fireworks

Zeus has brought out a range of great new SIBs this year. The 100-shot barrage firework creates lots of glitter effect, including a beautiful glitter mine with a layered look. The SIB is even suited for a garden, as it requires just an 8-metre safety distance.

You can buy Quantum for £69.99.

Sky Fall by Zeus Fireworks

Sky Fall is another garden firework with 100-shots. The effects on this one focus on golden brocade and palm brocades. It’s a stunning firework that goes on for little under a minute.

Sky Fall is also available for £69.99.

Odyssey by Zeus Fireworks

Finally, there’s Odyssey with a tonne of colour and mixed effects. You get silver strobe, purple stars and golden palms among other things. The garden firework is one of the best when you want to have a mini display sorted out in an instant!

Buy Odyssey for £69.99.

SIBs are a great way to enjoy fireworks from just one fuse. Remember to come back in the coming days to check out even more of our new SIBs!

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