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New Single Ignition Boxes for Firework Season 2017

Fireworks season is about to get into full swing and now is the perfect time to be thinking about your firework purchases. Simple and impressive, single ignition boxes (S.I.Bs) are the perfect pick whether you want a “display in box” or wish to use your S.I.B as a grand finale.
Ahead of firework season 2017 we’ve received some fantastic new S.I.Bs. As ever, we thrive to provide you with the best offers and prices and the below list will feature plenty of exciting deals. However, we might occasionally need to change deals or increase prices – or offer bigger savings! – so do check the price before purchase. The below prices are correct as of September 25th.

Hercules Mini by Brothers Pyrotechnics

The Hercules Mini firework comes with a mixed firing pattern and a display of 107 shots. The firing is rapid, as all those shots fit into the space of 50 seconds. Despite being an impressive firework with plenty of colourful effects, the Hercules Mini is suitable for garden use.
You can get the firework with a £15 discount. Hercules Mini is just £44.99.


Hercules Limited Edition by Brothers Pyrotechnics

If you love the Hercules single ignition box, then you will be happy to hear a limited edition version is out for 2017. It has the same feel as the trusted Hercules box with a few new surprises coming your way. In fact, we are calling it Hercules on steroids.
Hercules Limited Edition is currently just £99.99, which is an impressive £30 saving.


Poisonous Spiders by Jonathans Fireworks

Jonathans Fireworks has provided us with stunning new fireworks for 2017 and Poisonous Spiders is definitely among the best. The variety effects include tails, crackling and mines. The firework lasts for a minute during which it fires 42 shots. This S.I.B is definitely a monster of a firework.
You can enjoy £5 off Poisonous Spiders and purchase it right now for £49.99.


Not On My Watch by Tai Pan

For something different, Not On My Watch is an 86 shot firework that’ll amaze you. The rapid start features bursts of red, blue and white, with the firing pace slowing down a little towards the grand finale of glitter strobes and huge crossettes. It’s a fantastic combination of effects and you’ll be speechless for the 60-second duration.
You’ll also be speechless when you find out that you can buy Not On My Watch for just £84.99. That’s a whopping £40 off the usual price!


Flaming Lamborghini by Total FX

If you want an S.I.B that lasts for an impressive 90 seconds, fires 135 shots in a Z-firing patterns and includes blinks, coconuts, crackling stars and chrysanthemums, then you need Flaming Lamborghini. The display comes up with a bang – in fact, 985 grams of powder to provide you with insane effects.
Flaming Lamborghini would make a great stand-alone display for a party and you can purchase it for £89.99.


Son of Zeus by Absolute Fireworks

Absolute Fireworks never disappoints to bring out amazing new fireworks. Son of Zeus is a classic example of an S.I.B. It comes with five different firing patterns and ten different effects. The firework lasts for 75 seconds and fires 108 shots.
You can purchase the Son of Zeus for £89.99.


Sky Boss by Skycrafter

What if we told you Sky Boss lasts for three minutes? During the three minutes, you’ll see different coloured stars, chrysanthemums, palms, brocades and crackling bursts of glitter. Sky Boss has it all – the mixed firing patterns and 110 shots are bound to stun you.
We’re offering Sky Boss at just £99.99.


Caged Tiger Unleashed by Total FX

You might have enjoyed Total FX’s Caged Tiger Pro and this is the Mini Me-version of it. The firework is slightly smaller in terms of the tube size. However, it will still pack in 996 grams of powder, which results in 112 stunning shots. The firework uses mixed firing patterns and lasts for 90 seconds.
You can purchase Caged Tiger Unleashed for £119.99.

S.I.Bs are a perfect way to enjoy fireworks – they are impressive and hassle-free. If you want to get something stunning for your November 5th, Halloween or New Year’s Eve party, we definitely recommend the above newcomers!

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