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New Roman Candles for Fireworks Season 2018 – Part One

Roman candles are one of the most iconic fireworks out there. They come in a number of shapes and sizes and we got plenty of exciting new ones to talk about!

In our series to cover the best new fireworks for fireworks season 2018, it’s time to talk about these classic favourites. We have many new options so the post will be divided into two.

In the first one, we’ll be introducing a line-up of new roman candles by Celtic Fireworks. They’ve don’t have just one single roman candle out but a line-up of five exciting fireworks and we guarantee you can find something to your display from this selection!

Remember that the prices quoted below were correct at the time of writing on September 20. When you’re buying the fireworks, you can find accurate price information on our website.

Hong Kong Candle – Crackling Tail

The new line up of candles is actually an old favourite but with a different name. Celtic Fireworks took over the Shanghai Candle and re-branded it as Hong Kong Candle.

The Crackling Tail is a fun 10 shot roman candle with a stunning crackling effect – as the name suggests! It’s a lovely straight shooting firework with not much of a sound. This is perfect for starting a firework display.

You can buy Crackling Tail for £2.99.


Hong Kong Candle – Silver Tail

The Silver Tail is a similar 10-shot roman candle but with a different effect. This firework shoots a bright silver star with a beautiful silver tail. This is a lovely addition to your display when you want something classic and glamorous.

The cost of Silver Tail is also just £2.99.


Hong Kong Candle – Blue Coconut Tail

When you need something slightly different and colourful to your display, you should consider Blue Coconut Tail. Instead of a silver star, you get a blue star followed by a silver tail. If you’re throwing a party with a blue theme, then this is a good pick!

Add Blue Coconut Tail to your shopping cart for £2.99.


Hong Kong Candle – Gold Tail

The world’s most glamorous colour is gold. If you want your display to be elegant and luxurious, then this Roman candle in the Hong Kong Candle line-up is the perfect pick. The bright gold star is followed by a crackling gold tail and it all costs just £2.99.


Hong Kong Candle – Pink Coconut Tail

The final Roman candle in the line-up is the Pink Coconut Tail. There is nothing chirpier than seeing the bright pink star fly up in the air, followed by a beautiful silver tale. The quiet thud at the start guarantees even the smallest princesses in the audience will love this firework.

Buy Pink Coconut tail for £2.99.


A roman candle is a great addition to your firework display. With the big fireworks season coming up, you can now add these wonderful candles by Celtic Fireworks to your line-up.

We’ll be introducing you to more new roman candles later, so stay tuned to our blog!

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