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New Mines for Firework Season 2024

Firework mines are integral components of any spectacular fireworks display, adding depth, dimension, and drama to the aerial show. 

What are firework mines?

At their core, a firework mine is a type of pyrotechnic device designed to create a dazzling burst of colour, light, and sound at ground level. Unlike traditional aerial fireworks that shoot skyward before erupting, mines remain firmly planted on the ground, ready to ignite the sky with their mesmerising display.


These ground-level wonders function by rapidly combusting a precise mixture of chemicals contained within their casings. Upon ignition, the explosive compounds within the mine ignite, generating intense heat and pressure. This buildup of energy propels the pyrotechnic effects skyward, creating a breathtaking display of colour, sparks, and crackles.

Types of firework mines:

Firework mines come in various types, each designed to produce distinct visual effects. Some common types include: 

  • Floral mines: These mines produce burst of sparkling stars that resemble blooming flowers. They add a touch of elegance and beauty to firework displays.
  • Chrysanthemum mines: Named after the chrysanthemum flower, these mines produce spherical bursts of colour with long, trailing tails. 
  • Crackle mines: As the name suggests, crackle mines are known for their distinctive crackling sound effects. These mines produce showers of bright sparks accompanied by a rapid series of pops and crackles, adding an extra layer of excitement to the display.
  • Peony mines: Peony mines produce large, spherical bursts of colour with a soft, expanding pattern. These mines are prized for their beauty and symmetry, creating mesmerising displays that fill the sky with bursts of vibrant hues.

Innovations in firework mines:

Firework mines are getting even more exciting with the latest advancements in technology. They are now safer, brighter and more dazzling than ever. Firework designers have better control over how they explode, meaning mine displays are more synchronised. The colours are vibrant and the effects last longer, which leave a lasting impression. 

The best mine fireworks in 2024

At Firework Crazy, we offer a wide range of firework mines perfect for any private or public display.

If you are looking to add some fun into your parties, these top 5 mines will work great:

Angel Dust by Brothers Pyrotechnics

‘Angel Dust’ enchants with vibrant bursts, evoking celestial elegance in the night sky. Each explosion, meticulously choreographed, mirrors stars, leaving trails of golden sparks. With a palette ranging from soft pastels to bold hues, it creates a mesmerising spectacle, leaving onlookers spellbound.


Their innovation shines through, offering 20 shots of gold brocade mines with coloured tips or crackling effects, pushing fireworks boundaries. Whether at grand events or intimate gatherings, ‘Angel Dust’ stirs wonder, bridging Earth’s beauty with the celestial realm above.

Mexican Wave by Kimbolton Fireworks

Mine cakes are so hard to come by, but when we saw Kimbolton Fireworks’ ‘Mexican Wave’, we just had to have it. Producing 2 mines of each of six effects including red and white glitter, green and purple, silver and green, blue and white, blue and red, and crackling, it promises an explosion of color and excitement unlike anything else.


With its dynamic wave-like effect and meticulously crafted bursts, ‘Mexican Wave’ is the centerpiece of any celebration, captivating audiences with its pulsating energy and vibrant display. It’s a must-have for anyone seeking to elevate their fireworks experience to new heights.

Stardust by Black Cat Fireworks

“Stardust” by Black Cat Fireworks is a dazzling multi-coloured mine cake, lifting 25 shots of coloured mines without any aerial burst above. Ideal for low-noise displays and younger audiences, it features blue, purple, green, silver, glittering, gold, and crackling effects. Perfect for firing in pairs, it offers a visual spectacle without loud bangs.


If you enjoyed Brothers’ “Angel Dust,” you’ll adore Black Cat’s “Stardust” even more. With more shots and a more affordable price, it’s a high-quality firework that will leave a lasting impression on everyone’s memory.

Brexit by Celtic Fireworks

Celtic Fireworks presents “Brexit” a remarkable addition to their lineup of dump cakes. “Brexit” stands out with its 25 shots, lifting massive golden mines to enormous golden brocade bursts, all within a mere 3 seconds!


Please note: While technically a Cat F2 firework, due to its 25mm tubes, it’s strongly advised to fire “Brexit” at a minimum distance of 15 meters for safety.

Noiz Barrel by Lesli Fireworks

Introducing “Noiz Barrel” by Lesli Fireworks, a pack of three single-shot tubes designed to ignite the night sky with excitement. Each tube begins with a vibrant flare, available in blue, red, or orange, captivating spectators from the start.


Then, with a thunderous eruption, they unleash a crackling mine, adding an exhilarating crescendo to the display. “Noiz Barrel” offers a dynamic and thrilling experience, perfect for those seeking intense bursts of colour and sound. It’s a must-have addition to any fireworks showcase, promising unforgettable moments of awe and wonder.

Buy Mine Fireworks from Firework Crazy

To conclude, the 2024 firework season brings an exciting lineup of new mines to light up the sky. From the enchanting “Angel Dust” to “Brexit”, there’s something for everything event. 


With a high-quality mine selection available for purchase online, creating your own unforgettable show has never been easier. Whether you’re planning a grand event or an intimate gathering, Firework Crazy provides access to top-notch mines that promise to ignite the sky with brilliance and excitement.

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