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New Mines for Firework Season 2019

Our rundown of new fireworks for 2019 moves onto a look at the latest mines you could be adding to your fireworks display right now.

Prices quoted below are correct as of September 19 and are subject to change. Please check individual products for the most up to date prices, discounts, and deals.

Stardust by Black Cat Fireworks

This wonderful garden firework fires 25 shots in 30 seconds. You get to enjoy multiple layers of colour and lots of crackling. There is no aerial burst and the firework is a low-noise product – the smallest members of the family are going to love it!

Enjoy 18% off and buy Stardust for £8.99.

Gold Rush Mines by Standard Fireworks

You’re not just getting a single mine but two wonderful whistling mines with this pack by Standard Fireworks. One of them creates cool red and blue stars with a bit of crackle, while the other sets off a big brocade glitter lift and brocade crown. These burst a big bang and you do need a 25-metre minimum safety distance with these ones.

You can buy Gold Rush Mines for £9.99 and get 17% off the original price.

Fountain Mines by Klasek

We got two new Fountain Mines by Klasek. The first one is a 50mm mine that has a dual effect of a whistling fountain start which then turns into huge crackle with a silver strobe mine lift. The 50mm version lasts for 40 seconds and you can buy it for £15.49, which is an 11% discount on the original price.

They also have a bigger 75mm version of the Fountain Mine. The bigger one lasts the same time with similar effects – it’s just much bigger! You can buy the 75mm version for £22.99 and enjoy 8% off.

Molotov Cocktail by Primed Pyrotechnics

Fountain start mines are super popular and it is no wonder we have yet another new take on this style. Molotov Cocktail is one of the best. It starts with a calm and steady crackling fountain that then turns into a huge mine of vivid red and blue stars. There are also lots of golden willows and green star effects, along with red strobes. In 11 seconds, you get to witness a lot of cool effects!

You can find Molotov Cocktail for £19.99.

Tequila Slammer by Primed Pyrotechnics

Tequila Slammer is a similar fountain mine by Primed Pyrotechnics as Molotov Cocktail. This time, you get pink strobe fountain initially which then turns into a huge mine lift of chrysanthemums and bursts of silver brocade. Another stunning mine that is bound to become a bestseller.

You can buy Tequila Slammer for £19.99.

Standing Ovation by Vivid Pyrotechnics

We truly want to give this firework a standing ovation because it is stunning. In five seconds, you can enjoy 50 shots of wonder. The result is a dump cake with effects ranging from screaming tails to titanium chrysanthemums. The firework has a beautiful silver tone to it as well.

Enjoy 23% off and buy Standing Ovation for £22.99.

Big Fish Boom Boom by Celtic Fireworks

Celtic Fireworks has also brought a few new dump mines for us to enjoy. Big Fish Boom Boom’s effects include a multi-coloured burst of stars and a crackling bouquet finish. The mine dumps all the 19 shots within three seconds so it’s full of action.

You can buy Big Fish Boom Boom for £24.99 and enjoy 17% off.

Twisty Bangers by Celtic Fireworks

The other newcomer from Celtic is Twisty Bangers. It’s the same type of dump mine in terms of duration and shots. The effects, however, are a beautiful lift of blue and red stars and crackling with silver fish to titanium salutes.

You can enjoy 17% off and buy Twisty Bangers for £24.99.

Ghost Rider by Celtic Fireworks

Ghost Rider is a magnificent dump mine with a twist. Whilst the dump mines and cakes are usually shooting in a straight line, this one has a beautiful fanned finish. You get 25 shots of red stars and a unique red glitter effect.

Ghost Rider costs £24.99 and comes with a 22% discount.

These new mines are AMAZING! You can find these and all our other new fireworks as well as your old favourites on our website. Don’t forget to share your pictures and videos when you try out these beauties in your displays!

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