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New Fountains & Mines for Fireworks Season 2018

When you want fireworks that are simple, yet pack a punch, you should turn to fountain-fireworks and mines. These are great display openers and standalone fireworks to entertain the crowds. And we’ve added plenty of new exciting fountain-fireworks and mines for fireworks season 2018!

We love adding new fireworks to our collection and always strive to offer the cheapest possible prices. The prices quoted in this article were correct at the time of writing on September 20 but do check the website to see the latest information before buying!

Tropical Storm by Jonathan Fireworks

Fountains don’t often last for three minutes but this cracker by Jonathan Fireworks surely does! We predict it to become a huge hit, as it’s fun and great value for money. The effects include a range of different styles from crackle to tails. Tropical Storm is also very colourful.

You can purchase Tropical Storm for £14.99.


Blinkers by Celtic Fireworks

This great low noise firework is an excellent way to add some atmospherics to your firework display. This fountain is bright and it’ll entertain you for 60 stunning seconds. We don’t yet have a video for this but believe us when we say it looks fun!

You can buy Blinkers for £3.99.

Vinny the Vampire Fountain by Fireworks International

This fountain is the perfect addition to our new collection of fireworks and perfect for the upcoming Halloween fireworks season! This huge firework lasts for 90 seconds, creating numerous coloured effects and crackling sparks. It’s a fun garden firework and it will get the crowd talking!

You can find Vinny the Vampire Fountain for £14.99 and save £10!


Ghost Buster Fountain by Brothers Pyrotechnics

Another perfect new firework for the Halloween firework season 2018 is Ghost Buster Fountain. This shaped fountain produces multiple effects in a number of different colours. The fountain lasts a good 90-seconds and it’ll entertain the young and the old.

You can save £5 and buy Ghost Buster Fountain for £19.99.

Miners Revenge 1 & 2 by Celtic Fireworks

Celtic Fireworks has provided a range of new fireworks and the Miners Revenge line-up is a great example of this. Miners Revenge fireworks are 19-shot mines although it’s hard to believe it. The firework literally dumps all of the shots at once, as the 19 shots are fired in the space of just three seconds!

Below is a video for Miners Revenge 1, which you can buy for £24.99.


And here is what Miners Revenge 2 looks like, which is also available for purchase for £24.99.


The Dark Demolisher by Celtic Fireworks

Celtic Fireworks has brought another so-called Dump Cake with The Dark Demolisher. Similar to the above mines, the firework shoots 19 shots in just three seconds.

This one features effects ranging from chrysanthemum to crackling. It’s a great firwork to catch people’s attention.

You can buy The Dark Demolisher for £24.99.


You can find these and our other new line-up of new fireworks on our website! And don’t forget to keep checking our blog and social media channels for more new firework news and stories!

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