New Fountains for Firework Season 2019

Fountains are lovely fireworks with a twist. Instead of exploding high up on the air, they shoot a stream of effects up from the ground – like a fountain! Today it’s time to continue our journey into the newest fireworks for firework season 2019 and showcase all the lovely new fountain-fireworks in our collection.

Please note that prices quoted below were correct at September 18th and are subject to change, please check our website for the latest prices and deals.

Rozpustilé (Mischievous) Fountain by Klasek

This fountain is truly mischievous and you’re getting a pack of fountain-fireworks with this one. The pack contains 10 fountain-fireworks, with five different effects. It’s a low-level fountain and only requires a one-metre minimum safety distance. A must-have for garden parties!

Enjoy 27% off and buy Rozpustilé for £2.

Traffic Cones by Standard Fireworks

Traffic Cones are a wonderful pack of three cone fountain-fireworks. Each firework comes with a spring flower effect and as you might guess from the name, you get to enjoy them in red, orange and green colours. It’s a great low noise product for garden parties.

Buy Traffic Cones for £4.99.

Skull Fountain by Black Cat Fireworks

This novelty fountain is a must-have for your Halloween party or Bonfire Night. The fountain lasts for 1 minute and 20 seconds, creating a range of effects from red stars with crackle and gold flitter. Finally, the spooky face will light up!

You can save 13% and buy Skull Fountain for £6.99.

Cobra Tail by Black Cat Fireworks

Cobra Tail is a Chinese firecracker inspired fountain. It produces lots of crackle with a few coloured stars thrown into the mix. It’s a unique take on the classic fountain and looks the best if you hang it from somewhere safe.

Get 18% off and buy Cobra Tail for £8.99.

Aladdin’s Cave Fountain by Jonathans Fireworks

Jonathans Fireworks has created a great, long-lasting fountain. This one goes on for almost 80 seconds. You can enjoy coloured stars, silver flitter and a nice crackle to the end. You can use this fountain in the garden, as it only requires an 8-metre safety distance.

You can buy Aladdin’s Cave Fountain for £9.99.

Paparazzi Fountain by Standard Fireworks

Paparazzi Fountain is a funky fountain, shaped like a camera. The fountain is Instagram-worthy, as the effects include strobe effects right where the flash should be on a camera. The minute-long fountain will add plenty of smiles to your night.

You’ll also smile when you hear it’s on sale with a 17% discount. You can buy Paparazzi Fountain for £9.99.

Spectrum Fountain by Standard Fireworks

This low noise fountain is a wonderful burst of colour. We call the style of this fountain as colourful lava, as the lumps of colour flow out without crackle. For 40 seconds, you get to enjoy lots of sparkle and heaps of red and blue. It’s a beautiful garden firework for any occasion.

You can buy Spectrum for £9.99 and get 17% off the original price.

Copper Rain Fountain by Back Cat Fireworks

When you need something elegant for your party, get Copper Rain. The beautiful conic fountain has a deep coppery gold colour to it. It lasts for a minute, shooting the sparkles up to five metres high.

Buy Copper Rain for £9.99 and enjoy 29% off.

Silver Rain Fountain by Black Cat Fireworks

Black Cat Fireworks has another great fountain with Silver Rain. Like Copper Rain, this lasts for 60 seconds and shoots a beautiful silver spark in the air. You could easily combine the two conic fountain-fireworks or use them in your colour-coded display!

Silver Rain also has a 29% discount right now and you can buy it for £9.99.

Tinsel Town by Brothers Pyrotechnics

Add a bit of golden sparkle to your fireworks night with Tinsel Town. This no-fuss firework has lots of beautiful golden effects and no crackle. It’s a low noise firework that is fit for garden use. Tinsel Town also lasts an impressive 50 seconds.

We’re currently offering Tinsel Town with 30% off and you can buy it for £13.99.

House Party Fountain by Standard Fireworks

As the name suggests, this fountain is perfect for a house party! The novelty fountain firework is shaped like a house, creating a range of effects from strobe to cackle. The windows light up at the end and the whole thing just looks like a lot of fun.

Buy House Party Fountain for £14.99.

Emoji Fountain by Standard Fireworks

Standard has another unique novelty fountain out for 2019. For 60 seconds, you can enjoy a lot of sparkle and lovely emoji effects. This is a truly unique fountain and you only need an 8-metre safety distance, making it perfect for gardens!

You can buy Emoji Fountain for £14.99.

Belagio Fountain by Black Cat Fireworks

Fountains don’t get much better or bigger than this. The fountain lasts for over two minutes, creating multiple effects for your enjoyment. You get to see lovely golden coloured stars, flitter and crackling flowers. It’s almost a mini-display on the ground!

Enjoy 20% off and buy Belagio for £19.99.

Spinner Fountain by Klasek

You’re also going to love Spinner! The vertical column of silver sparks also spins, creating a stunning lotus flower effect as it goes on. The spinning goes on for 70 seconds and this product is a low-noise firework fit for garden use.

Buy Spinner for £24.99.

There you have it – a whole host of new stunning fountain-fireworks for firework season 2019! These fountain-fireworks will make a fantastic addition to your autumn and winter firework displays. For many more fireworks both new and old, check out our website and don’t forget to let us know what you think of our newcomers!

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