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New Fountains and Mines for Firework Season 2017

Firework lovers everywhere are preparing for firework season 2017. As always, here at Firework Crazy we’re adding more incredible fireworks at even better prices to our range.
We’ve already introduced you to our latest compound fireworks and roman candles. Today, it’s time to show you the stunning fountain-fireworks and mines we’ve added to our collection.
When it comes to our new fireworks, we are proud of the quality and the value of our selection. We are cheapest firework retailer in the UK, and on the rare occasions when a competitor is cheaper than us you can always fall back on our price match guarantee.
The prices mentioned in this post are correct as of 4th September 2017, but do check them as we might occasionally need to increase prices or change offers.
Let’s examine the fantastic new fountain-fireworks and mines for firework season 2017.

The Lava Family by Skycrafter

The Lava Family is truly a family, as you get to enjoy four fountain-fireworks with this purchase. This fountain is actually such a new product we don’t even know much about it – other than that it’s a fantastic low-noise firework with colourful bursts and flaming effects. We don’t yet have a video of the firework but you can pre-order it on our online store, half price at just £6.99.
Skycrafter’s fireworks are always a treat so the Lava Family is a solid addition to your display. To get an idea of Skycrafter’s fireworks, we recommend checking out the below video for Button Moon. This 12 shot cake is another newcomer for 2017 and you can purchase Button Moon for £12.99. This firework is also on a buy one get one free offer, giving you two amazing fireworks for the price of one!


Frosty the Snowman by Benwell Fireworks

This firework is a must-have addition to your holiday firework display. It doesn’t just have a fun and fitting name, it’s also guaranteed to wow. The fountain produces a stream of crackling and colourful sparks. The whole fountain is 11 inches tall and you get to enjoy the colourful show for two minutes. It’s a great crowd pleaser and it will add tons of fun to your garden display.
You can purchase Frosty the Snowman for £14.99.

Spinning Lotus Flower by Zeus Fireworks

We couldn’t be happier to add the Spinning Lotus Flower to our collection in 2017. Zeus Fireworks has been working hard for years to import this fountain and it’s finally here in the UK!
The fountain is an unusual-looking firework and it spins on its base while shooting showers of sparks around it. The firework is a fantastic spectacle and guaranteed to become one of our best-selling fireworks.
Spinning Lotus Flower is available for £44.99.


Turbo JW904 by Jorge

Another firework guaranteed to hit the top sales list is Turbo JW904. The mine-style firework is a breath of fresh air in the mines category. It’s a colourful show of red and green strobing stars, with splashes of silver serpents appearing every now and again. The mine lasts for 25 seconds, firing 16 shots.
You can buy Turbo JW904 for £17.49, saving £2.

Every great firework display needs fountain-fireworks and mines.
These new fireworks for 2017 are guaranteed to help you create memorable displays from now until New Year’s Eve and beyond!

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