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New Fireworks from Primed for Firework Season 2019

The firework brands we work with ensure you have the best new fireworks each year to create beautiful displays. 2019 has brought us many new fireworks that’ll excite you and add colour to your display. We’re especially fond of the amazing new products we have in stock by by Primed.

Primed has created great fireworks and we’re always happy to explore their collection of fireworks. They bring lots of great stuff at affordable prices and this year is no exception.

Please note that the prices quoted below were correct at time of writing and are subject to change.

Moon Shot

Moon Shot is a pack of ten rockets, each with a mix of colours and effects. The flash rockets have effects like blue stars to gold and silver glitter and purple stars to silver crackling. These rockets are also suitable for garden use, requiring just an 8-metre safety distance.

You can buy Moon Shot for £14.99.

Molotov Cocktail

This is one of our favourite renditions of the fountain start mine. You first get a simple crackling fountain that then lifts into a huge mine, creating all sorts of stunning effects as it builds up the tempo. It’s a big and bold firework that’ll create a huge impact.

You can get 20% off and buy Molotov Cocktail for £19.99.

Tequila Slammer

Primed has also brought out another wonderful fountain start mine with Tequila Slammer. This one has a lovely pink hue to it right at the start and beautiful chrysanthemums at the end. Although it’s technically a garden firework, we do recommend you stick to a minimum of 20 metres in terms of safety distance – it is a big one!

You can buy Tequila Slammer for £19.99.


If you love sparkles and loud effects with your fireworks, this one is a must-have. The firework creates 36 shots of silver tail rises to loud salutes and crackling flowers. It’s a beautiful firework that would look perfect as part of a display.

You can currently enjoy 14% off and buy Skybreaker for £29.99.

Furious Angels

This cake is as funky as the name suggests. It shoots 36 shots in the space of 30 seconds so you’ll get a lot of action. The effects are lovely whistle rises to titanium salutes.

You can enjoy 25% off and buy Furious Angels for £44.99.


Illusion is a massive 56-shot firework. The effects range from stunning vivid stars to multi-colour strobe. You also get beautiful glitter willows and titanium chrysanthemums. It’s a mix firework that looks stunning even as a standalone firework.

Buy Illusion for £89.99.


Oblivion is another beautiful 56-shot firework. It has a mixed firing pattern and a stunning colour palette that uses red, green and gold. You have a lovely mix of brocade, glitter and stars to enjoy with this firework.

Buy Oblivion for £89.99.

Primed has really brought out some big guns and we’re loving all these fireworks!

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