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New Fireworks from Brothers Pyrotechnics for Firework Season 2019

Our amazing fireworks providers have really come up with the goods this year! They have sent us stunning new fireworks and today it’s time to examine all the new fireworks by Brothers Pyrotechnics!

Brothers Pyrotechnics is known for its amazing fireworks – they are big-hitting and beautiful! In 2019, we’ve added many big, bright, bold, and new fireworks from the brand for you to enjoy during the year’s biggest firework parties.

Please note that prices quoted below were correct at time of writing and are subject to change.

Tinsel Town

Tinsel Town is a wonderful, affordable firework for garden parties. You get many beautiful sparkles with lots and lots of gold! The firework also runs for an impressive 50 seconds. It’s lovely on its own or as part of a display.

Save 30% and buy Tinsel Town for £13.99.


Horsetails are one of our favourite effects and Fierce has lots of them. The cake shoots 36 shots and in addition to the horsetails, you also get bursts of red and silver strobe and blue stars. We do recommend at least a 20-metre safety distance for this.

You can buy Fierce for £41.99 and enjoy 30% off the original price.


Check out Hijacker if you want to add stunning action to your fireworks party! The 122 shot barrage gets going right from the start, producing beautiful brocade mine lifts and screeching gold tails. You then get a wonderful finish with lots of colour and a unique firing pattern.

We’re currently offering Hijacker with a 29% discount, costing just £49.99.

New World

You’ll also love the action in New World. For 20 seconds, you get to enjoy 50 shots resulting in gold brocade and blue star bouquets. There are also big aerial bursts of golden willows and you are able to use this in a garden display!

Get 30% off and buy New World £55.98.


Similar to New World, Surprise is a 50-shot cake that lasts for around 30 seconds. You can enjoy ghosted red glitter and heaps of other effects. The quirky firework is great for a garden party.

You can buy Surprise for £55.98 and enjoy 30% off.

If you love these two fireworks, you will be pleased to find out that we are selling them as a combination pack. You can get both Surprise and New World for just £109.99 and get 31% off!

The Rival

This SIB is a massive firework display. You get 164 shots with a mixed firing pattern and a range of effects. The firework goes on for 105 seconds, resulting in heaps of colour and wonderful bangs.

We’re offering The Rival with 30% off, costing just £62.99.


It gets even bigger with Brothers Pyrotechnics this year with Primeval. The 130-second firework gives you a massive 398 shots to enjoy. The compound mixes firing patterns and effects, as you’ll witness coloured stars, titanium chrysanthemums and glitter to name just some of them.

Save 30% now and buy Primeval for £229.99.

As you can see, Brothers Pyrotechnics have come out with the big guns this year. You can find these and other new fireworks from our website and turn your party into a massive show of fireworks!

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