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New Fireworks from Black Cat Fireworks for Firework Season 2019

One of the best parts about life at Firework Crazy is the opportunity to work with such amazing firework brands. Every year they keep surprising us with amazing new fireworks. Today, we’ll show you the stunning new fireworks Black Cat Fireworks has in store for 2019.

Black Cat Fireworks have been synonymous with fireworks for years, producing some amazing pieces for retail use. We love them for the quirky new ideas and the versatility in what they offer!

Please note all prices quoted below are correct at time of writing, and are subject to change.

Skull Fountain

You can’t find a better firework for Halloween 2019 than Skull Fountain. The spooky firework has several effects on its toolkit but the shining eyes right at the end are simply fantastic! This firework has great duration as well since you can enjoy it for 80 seconds.

Save 13% and buy Skull Fountain for £6.99.

Novelty Skull Multi-effect Fountain by Black Cat Fireworks from Standard Fireworks on Vimeo.

Cobra Tail

Cobra Tail is another brilliant novelty firework. The firework is inspired by Chinese firecrackers so expect to hear lots of wonderful crackle. You can also witness coloured stars with a quirky finale. Cobra Tail is a wonderful garden firework lasting for 30 seconds.

We’re currently offering Cobra Tail for £8.99 with an 18% discount.


When you’re looking to inject a bit of colour to your firework display, Stardust is a perfect pick. The mine cake fires 25 shots in a range of colours. The cake comes with limited aerial burst so it’s a wonderful low noise firework.

Enjoy 18% off and buy Stardust for £8.99.

Stardust Mine Cake – Black Cat Fireworks from Standard Fireworks on Vimeo.

Copper Rain Fountain

You can find many cool single-effect style fireworks from the new Black Cat collection. Copper Rain Fountain is among our favourite and it would work great with a few big rockets thrown into the mix. The conic fountain is exactly what the name suggests: a deep coppery gold fountain lasting for a minute.

You can buy Copper Rain for £9.99 and save 29% off the original price.

Copper Rain Conic Fountain – Black Cat Fireworks from Standard Fireworks on Vimeo.

Silver Rain Fountain

If you want to inject silver effects instead, you could opt for the Silver Rain Fountain. It’s the same as Copper Rain except that it sets off a beautiful silver fountain. These two also look beautiful when combined together!

Silver Rain is available for £9.99 with a 29% discount.

Silver Rain Conic Fountain – Black Cat Fireworks from Standard Fireworks on Vimeo.

Belagio Fountain

Black Cat also has a third new fountain out with Belagio. The stunning firework goes on for well over two minutes, producing beautiful effects. You can enjoy coloured stars, crackling flowers and beautiful golden flitter. It’s even suited for a garden party!

You can enjoy 20% off and buy Belagio Fountain for £19.99.

Bellagio Large Fountain – Black Cat Gold Collection from Standard Fireworks on Vimeo.

Sky Jacks

You can create a mini-display with Sky Jacks. The 25-shot firework comes with mixed effects, entertaining you with brocade, glitter and crackling. The quirky firework lasts for 30 seconds and you can enjoy it in a garden, as it only requires an 8-metre safety distance.

We’re offering Sky Jacks with a 33% discount, costing just £19.99.

Sky Jacks Aerial Firework Display – Black Cat Fireworks from Standard Fireworks on Vimeo.


Time for the big guns and Black Cat has a few of those out! Pegasus is an 85-shot barrage that fires in a mixed firing pattern. The results include silver comets and crackling gold finale. This firework has lots going on and it’s still suited for garden parties!

Enjoy 13% off and buy Pegasus for £34.99.

Pegasus Roman Candle Cake – Black Cat Fireworks from Standard Fireworks on Vimeo.


This Single Ignition Box is a wonderful way to sort out your firework display at once. You get 50 shots that lead to red starburst, green tails and gold chrysanthemums. There’s even some crackling at the end!

Get 11% off and buy Firebrand for £39.99.

Firebrand Multi-effect Roman Candle Cake by Black Cat Fireworks from Standard Fireworks on Vimeo.

Independence Day

This firework screams freedom! The effects include lots of red, white and blue with palm bursts and star comets. The one-minute long firework fires 110 shots in a mixed firing pattern so there’s a lot of things going on at all times!

You can purchase Independence Day for £99.99 and enjoy a 9% discount.

Independence Day Single Ignition Firework – Black Cat Fireworks from Standard Fireworks on Vimeo.

Black Cat All Stars

We also have a wonderful selection package for you to enjoy this firework season. The All Star pack contains six cakes, with each firing 25 shots and lasting for 25 seconds. They all have unique effects ranging from blue stars to palm bursts. All are also available for garden use!

You can buy Black Cat All Stars for £59.99 and enjoy 33% off.

Triple Threat Roman Candle Cake – Black Cat All-Stars from Standard Fireworks on Vimeo.

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