New Fireworks for Firework Season 2016

Earlier this year we brought you a series of three blog articles looking at the hottest new fireworks we had been delivered earlier in the year.
You can check out videos of these fireworks in action, and links to their pages, in the blogs below. Remember that all prices quoted were correct at time of writing, and while we know we’re the cheapest place to buy fireworks online or in our showroom, some prices may have increased due to offers expiring.
Hot New Fireworks for 2016
More Hot New Fireworks for 2016
Even More Hot New Fireworks for 2016
Over the coming days and weeks we’re going to bring you all of the other new fireworks we have had in for the run up to Bonfire Night, Christmas, and New Year, and will have several posts like those featured above.
At the end of the series we’ll also produce one huge post featuring all the videos of our new fireworks for 2016.
If you’re reading this post before September 23rd 2016, check out our 20% Extra Free Fireworks Offer.
All of these fireworks can be found on our New Fireworks for 2016 website page.
Let’s look at some fireworks shall we? Remember any prices and quoted offers are correct at time of writing (9th September 2016).

Rambos by Lesli Fireworks

This is a terrific firework at a low price if you’re looking for something to give you a quick sparkle at a low price. It’s low noise too!
Check out the video below, or buy a pack of Rambos by Lesli Fireworks here.

Clown Fountain

Another great low price and low noise firework to add into your display, these excellent little novelty fountain-fireworks shine bright and give you 90 seconds of fun. Unbeatable value at the price!
Check out Clown Fountain below or buy this firework here.

Loco Cones by Lesli Fireworks

Continuing the theme of great value fireworks we have these fun Loco Cones by Lesli Fireworks. Small yet packing plenty of punch, these short, sharp fountain-fireworks give you a great spectacle either on their own or to use while also firing rockets and your other fireworks.

Buy Loco Cones by Lesli Fireworks here.

Mini Stromboli by Lesli Fireworks

A pack of six crackling fountain-fireworks, each lasting 60 seconds, for under a fiver! There’s not much more we can say about this one! Check it out below or buy Mini Stromboli by Lesli Fireworks here.

Sky Blaze

If you’re a barrages and cakes lover then this is the firework for you. A cracking little cake giving you 16 shots spaced out over 20 seconds. You get whistles, crackling mines, and coloured pearls in this one.
Check out the video below or buy Sky Blaze here.

Mystic Pearl by Planet Fireworks

We end today’s reviews with a firework not in stock at time of writing, but available for pre-order for delivery before November 5th.
This one gives you 96 shots in a quickfire 30 second burst, and handily is a low noise firework too.
Buy Mystic Pearl by Planet Fireworks here or check out the video below first.

New Fireworks for Firework Season 2016

Which of these fireworks have caught your eye? You can check out all our new firework videos via the Firework Crazy YouTube channel while we also post links to these videos on our Twitter feed.
If you don’t already do so, you can keep up to date with us on Facebook to see pictures of new fireworks as they arrive at Firework Crazy.
Check out all our new fireworks here.

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