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New Selection Boxes for Fireworks Season 2018 – Part One

Everybody likes to take it easy sometimes. When it comes to your fireworks display, nothing is simpler than opting for a selection box – it will sort out your firework needs all at once!

In our series of introducing the new fireworks for fireworks season 2018, it has come time to examine the great new selection boxes. These boxes include a range of different fireworks and they are stunning value for money.

Although we always aim to provide our customers with the cheapest prices, sometimes we might have to tweak them. The prices quoted in this post were correct at the time of writing on September 24. Please check the website for correct information.

We don’t yet have videos for these selection boxes. But keep checking the website, as we hope to add them soon!

Steel Selection Box by Kimbolton Fireworks

Kimbolton Fireworks has a range of exciting new selection boxes and the Steel box is their smallest. All its fireworks are low noise and suitable for garden use, which means they only need an eight-meter safety distance.

The box contains seven fireworks and these are:

  • Snow Storm – fountain
  • Whoosh – mine
  • Up Roar – combination fountain and mine
  • Midnight Amethyst – fountain
  • Calypso – battery of fountain-fireworks
  • Hi 5 – battery of fountain-fireworks
  • Neptunes Creature – 5-shot Roman candle

Steel could be yours for £14.99.

Bronze Selection Box by Kimbolton Fireworks

Their second selection box is called Bronze. This contains 12 fireworks and they are suitable for garden use. Although most of the products are low noise, some do make the occasional whistling sound. The box is a great combination of fountain-fireworks and Roman candles.

The Bronze contains stunning fireworks like Grasshoppers and Whistling Marbles. It also has all the fireworks from the Steel box.

You can buy it online for £24.99.

Silver Selection Box by Kimbolton Fireworks

Next on the new selection line-up is the Silver Box. Once again, this is a collection of garden fireworks and low noise products, with the occasional whistling firework. This box consists of 17 fantastic fireworks, including fountain-fireworks, mines and wheels.

The box includes fun fireworks like the Go Stop Go wheel-style firework. You also get the fireworks from both the Steel and the Bronze boxes.

You can buy the Silver Selection Box for £29.99.

Tungsten Selection Box by Kimbolton Fireworks

Then there’s Tungsten. Don’t let the fact that it only contains 9 fireworks fool you, as these fireworks are big and powerful. The box contains multi-shot fireworks that are going to light up the sky for multiple minutes!

With Tungsten, you can enjoy these fireworks:

  • Scheele
  • Woolfram
  • Atomic No. 74
  • Boiling Point 5930c
  • Element: Transition Metal
  • Heat of Fustion
  • Group 6 D
  • Melting Point 3422c

Purchase Tungsten online for £64.99.

Supercharged Selection Box by Pyro King

Pyro King’s selection box contains a total of 36 fireworks. You get mines, fountain-fireworks and single shot tubes, among other things! It’s a great quality selection box and it’s suitable for garden use.

You can buy Supercharged for £74.99.

Stay tuned for more selection boxes

That’s quite a collection of new selection boxes but we have more waiting in the queue! So, keep checking our blog to find out what stunning boxes Skycrafter and Jonathans Fireworks have added on our website.

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