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New Barrages & Cakes for Fireworks Season 2018 – Part Two

Barrages and cakes are like a trusted friend in the world of fireworks. They always give you exactly what you want from a firework – effects, colours and surprises! So, let’s continue to examine what are our new barrages and cakes for fireworks season 2018!

You can view the first part of our look at new barrages and cakes for 2018 here.

These are the fireworks everyone loves and cherishes, which means we get many new ones each year. We’ve already shown you some of our newest barrages and cakes and now it’s time for round two. Remember that the prices quoted below were correct at the time of writing on October 14. Always check our website for up-to-date information.

X Factor by Total FX

Total FX loves to surprise with fun and quirky fireworks and the X Factor is definitely going to be a hit. This is a compact 16-shot firework that uses willows, stars and glitter to wow the crowds. It’s an ideal garden firework lasting for 30 seconds.

You can buy X Factor for £14.99.


Strike A Rose by Skycrafter

This wonderful firework by Skycrafter is stunning in its simplicity. You get to witness 25 vivid red tails splitting into crossettes. It’s simple but extremely beautiful. Strike A Rose is a low-noise product as well so it fits all sorts of displays.

You can buy Strike A Rose for half price, as it currently costs just £14.99.


Spitting Cobra by Zeus Fireworks

If you’re looking for a fantastic finisher to your garden display, then Spitting Cobra is a good pick. This cake is all about bursts of colour and it features effects such as tails and glitter bouquets. It lasts for 40 seconds firing 24 unique shots. When you want a lot of action and fun, this should be your pick!

You can purchase Spitting Cobra for £14.99.


Flying Fish by Celtic Fireworks

We don’t have a video up yet for Flying Fish but it’s a wonderful cake to keep in mind. The firework shoots 19 shots and lasts for 30 seconds. It’s all about silver, with multiple silver flying fish taking on the night sky. Flying Fish is also a low-noise firework!

You can buy Flying Fish for £17.99, which is a £4 discount to its usual price.

Enigma by Fireworks International

Enigma is a fantastic cake that shoots with a quirky Z-firing pattern and lasts for an impressive 90 seconds. You get silver stars, strobe and red waves with it all ending in a rapid finale of crackling stars. It’s hard to believe that Enigma is a garden firework because it has such a powerful range of effects!

We’re currently selling Enigma for £19.99, which is half price from its usual price.


Satans Polar Battle by Kimbolton Fireworks

This firework is all about fun. Not only does it have a funky name, but it also looks exciting with all those whistling and crackling tails. This 60-second cake fires 88 shots, making it the perfect addition to a garden display. It’s exciting and great value for money.

You can buy Satans Polar Battle for £19.99.


That’s an amazing range of barrages and cakes to add to your display! And we’re not done yet – there are many more new fireworks to show you in the days to come so stay tuned!

With so many new barrages & cakes for this year, we have broken this series down into eight parts. You can visit these by clicking the links below. Our biggest and loudest cakes can be found in parts seven and eight!

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