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New Barrages & Cakes for Fireworks Season 2018 – Part Seven

We’re heading towards the finish line in outlining our new barrages and cakes for firework season 2018. There are still plenty of exciting fireworks to cover so let’s get going!

Please remember that the prices quoted below were correct at the time of writing on October 15. For the most accurate information, visit the website.

The below barrages and cakes are the big shots. These are the ones you can add to your display to finish it off and some of the fireworks even work as standalone displays. We really love the new collection of barrages and cakes and we hope you enjoy these as much as we do!

Distant Thunder by Skycrafter

We’ll start off with a bang! This firework has an impressive 744-gram payload burst that’ll create an amazing array of effects and colours on the night sky. There will be lots of red, green and purple with amazing crackling and stars to entertain you. Distant Thunder also goes on for an impressive 1 minute and 20 seconds!

You can save £20 and buy Distant Thunder online for £99.99.


Brilliance by Jonathans Fireworks

This Single Ignition Box is truly a brilliant firework – hence the name! It lasts for 40 seconds firing an impressive 91 shots. It features a mixed firing pattern and lots of effects. It works well as a starter to a bigger display as well as a finisher.

Purchase Brilliance for £99.99 and save £20.


The Tardis II by Celtic Fireworks

Celtic Fireworks has updated its brilliant cake firework the Tardis. The updated version has kept all the good old bits and added in a few new tricks. You will see 126 shots and the firework will keep going for 90 seconds.

You can buy The Tardis II for £99.99, saving £30.


Big Daddy Smackdown by Celtic Fireworks

Celtic Fireworks has another updated cake firework with Big Daddy Smackdown. This firework lasts longer than the original and it uses more vivid colours to entertain. The 98-shot and 80-second firework works on its own and as part of a larger display.

You can purchase Big Daddy Smackdown for £99.99 and save £30 right now.


Caged Cougar Pro by Total FX

This barrage is rapid effects and loud noises right from the start. It’s going to produce dahlias, crackles, glitter and stars, using a wide range of colours from red to silver. This is an 80-second firework with an impressive 68 shots.

We’re currently offering £10 off and selling Caged Cougar Pro for £99.99.


Bedlam by Kimbolton Fireworks

If you’re after something new and exciting this firework season, we recommend buying Bedlam. This firework is fast and furious! You’ll generate 320 shots in the space of just 35 seconds! The effects are generous and the colours superb, with different shades of pastel colours brightening the night sky.

Bedlam is available to buy for £120.


Neon Nites by Absolute Fireworks

Single Ignition Boxes don’t often come as low-noise fireworks but Neon Nite changes the trend. The 100 shots feature swimming fishes, silver glitter and horse tails. The bursts are full of wonder even without the noise.

You can save £5 and buy Neon Nites for £59.99.


So, there you have it! Some new fantastic barrages and cakes to include to your display. We got a few more to show time but in the meantime you can prepare for the season’s displays by checking our website.

With so many new barrages & cakes for this year, we have broken this series down into eight parts. You can visit these by clicking the links below. Our biggest and loudest cakes can be found in parts seven and eight!

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