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New Barrages & Cakes for Fireworks Season 2018 – Part One

When you want a classic, fun firework, you should look to buy barrages and cakes. These multi-shot fireworks make every display just a bit better every time! It’s time to introduce you to our new barrages and cakes for fireworks season 2018.

In our series of showcasing our newest fireworks, it’s time to tackle the most popular types of fireworks: barrages and cakes. Our collection of these fireworks is impressive but we’re always looking to add more. So, let’s take the first look on some of our newest barrages and cakes.

The prices quoted in this post were correct at the time of writing on October 6. Please check our website for the most up-to-date prices.

Sizzling Sentinels by BrightStar

This 19-shot cake is everything you want from a firework. It lasts for 30 seconds, producing wonderful effects of crackle and lots of different colours. The great thing about this firework is the fact that it’s a low-noise firework and suited for small gardens, as you’ll only need an 8-metre safety parameter.

You can buy Sizzling Sentinels for £6.99, which is a £2 discount for its usual price.


Shades Series by Fireworks International

Fireworks International has created a lovely Shades series of fireworks that add a lovely touch to your display. Each firework has its main colour scheme, with additional effects and crackling sounds. We don’t have videos for these fireworks yet but they are definitely beautiful to watch!

Each firework shoots 25 shots and lasts for 30 seconds. The barrages are:

You can buy the fireworks by clicking the above link. Each firework is currently on sale for half price so act quickly! These fireworks cost just £8.49.

Monkey Mayhem by Skycraft

Monkey Mayhem is a fun firework that shoots 12 shots of red dahlia, orange and silver stars and blue stars with a crackling finish. The firework lasts for 30 seconds and you can add it to your garden display. It’s a straightforward, no-nonsense firework that everyone will love!

You can buy Monkey Mayhem half price, as it costs just £12.49 online.


Nebular Storm FX by Total FX

Total FX always gives us the goods and this fantastic 16-shot offering is a must-have. The firework is loud and fun, creating bursts of gold glitter and willow waterfalls on the night sky. You’ll also get to enjoy from peonies and crossettes. A fantastic garden firework!

You can buy Nebular Storm FX for £14.99.


Fish & Chips by Jonathan Fireworks

This low-noise firework is a wonderful cake for your displays. It has stunning effects that create little blue stars and silver fishes on the night sky. It’s a playful firework that lasts for 30 seconds, shooting 25 shots.

You can buy it for £14.99.


This is just a start of our new barrages and cakes for 2018 so stay tuned for more. In the meantime, you can check out our blog for the previous posts about our newest fireworks and don’t forget to visit the store to find offers on our favourite fireworks!

With so many new barrages & cakes for this year, we have broken this series down into eight parts. You can visit these by clicking the links below. Our biggest and loudest cakes can be found in parts seven and eight!

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