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New Barrages & Cakes for Fireworks Season 2018 – Part Five

When you need a bit of something to add to your fireworks display, barrages and cakes offer just the right amount of fun! We’ve been showcasing our new barrages and cakes for fireworks season 2018 and here’s another instalment in the series.

The prices mentioned in this post were correct at the time of writing on October 14. We always strive to present you the best possible prices but sometimes we might change them. Always check the Firework Crazy website for the most up-to-date information!

Now, let’s get started with some exciting, bold and big barrages and cakes in our selection!

Hummeroids by Pyro King

This unusual cake from Pyro King is sure to get the crowds talking! The blue stars will erupt with red and green swimming stars while making an unusual humming sound. You really have to watch the video with sounds to truly appreciate the effects in this cake!

You can currently save £20 and buy Hummeroids for £29.99.


Silver Blink Fish with Tail by PyroShow

PyroShow has a series of quirky cakes to add to your display. These fireworks often play with a single effect and they are best when used as part of a bigger display. Silver Blink Fish with Tail is a low-noise product in this range and it’s a fun and simple firework that’ll add a lot of glamour to your display!

You can buy the firework for £29.99 and save £5.


Left Right Sergeant by Skycrafter

With all the effects and colours, you wouldn’t think Left Right Sergeant is a garden firework! Left Right Sergeant uses fun effects to military precision. You get to enjoy 36 shots and alternating rows of silver tails and red and blue stars. It’s a cake to finish of a display for sure!

You can get Left Right Sergeant with a massive 50% off and buy it for £32.99.


Pink Princess by Jonathans Fireworks

If you love pink fireworks, then you will love Pink Princess. The cake shoots 25 shots of red and pink mines and stars. It’s quirky, cute and we love the idea of using this firework for your baby gender reveal parties!

You can save £4 and buy Pink Princess for £34.99.


Blue Prince by Jonathans Fireworks

Jonathans Fireworks has something for the little princes as well. The Blue Prince is similar to Pink Princess with the exception of using the colour blue. So if you are having a baby boy or you want something blue for your display, this is a lovely choice.

Blue Prince is also available with a £4 discount, costing just £34.99.


Lucifer by Tai Pan

When your fireworks display needs lots of sounds and a flurry of effects, Lucifer is the barrage to get. The firework lasts an impressive 60 seconds and fires 25 shots. And these shots are massive! You will turn the sky bright with bursts of silver strobe mines and silver strobe bursts.

This fantastic firework is available with a £10 discount and you can buy Lucifer for £39.99.


And we’re not quite done yet! There will be some more new barrages and cakes heading your way. So keep checking the blog for more!

With so many new barrages & cakes for this year, we have broken this series down into eight parts. You can visit these by clicking the links below. Our biggest and loudest cakes can be found in parts seven and eight!

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