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New Barrages & Cakes for Fireworks Season 2018 – Part Eight

Our long list of new barrages and cakes for fireworks season 2018 is finally coming to its grand finale! And we got some amazing new fireworks to show you – it’s almost like we saved the best to last!

Please remember that the prices quoted in this blog post were correct at the time of writing on October 15. If we had the change them for some reason, you’ll be able to see the updated prices on our website.

Fusion Point by Absolute Fireworks

If you’re looking to fill your desire for fireworks fast, you should get Fusion Point. This Single Ignition Box is everything you want from your standalone fireworks. It produces 71 shots, lasting 55 seconds. You get stars, glitter, chrysanthemums and whistling tails when you set it off.

You can save £10 and buy Fusion Point for £64.99.


Prism by Zeus Fireworks

Another fantastic cake with a variety of effects and colours is Prism. The 120-shot firework features stars, fish effects, tails, waves and strobes! You also have all the colours of the rainbow burst on the night sky with this one.

Buy Prism for £69.99 and save £10.


Raging Vortex by Kimbolton Fireworks

If you like your fireworks to be full of surprises, then Raging Vortex is a great pick. This is a rather unique firework with fantastic howling noise effects. There are plenty of other effects happening too from flower balls to crossettes. The minute long firework is a showstopper and it would make a great start to a display!

You can buy Raging Vortex for £69.99.


Momentum by Total FX

Momentum is a wonderful cake with a mixed firing pattern, lots of colour and larger than life attitude. This firework shoots golden palms that cover the whole sky, with amazing wave willows and chrysanthemums to follow it up. It’s fun and bold.

You can find Momentum for £74.99, saving £5 from the usual retail price.


Excellence by Jonathans Fireworks

It sounds cheesy but this firework is truly excellent! You get to enjoy 49 shots in rapid speed with a big coverage of the sky. You have gold tails, brocade, blue stars, green tails and lots of red strobe pistils to wow you. This is a cracker of a firework that would work well in the middle of a bigger display.

You can save £10 and buy Excellence for £74.99.


Twisted Aftershock by Skycrafter

You won’t find many fireworks like Twisted Aftershock. It’s a barrage of effects with a beautiful range of 12 volleys in glittering mines. It’s a very long-lasting firework that’ll brighten up any display.

You can snatch it up for half price and buy Twisted Aftershock for £89.99.


Chain Reaction by Zeus Fireworks

For the ultimate Single Ignition Box, Zeus Fireworks has provided us with a wonderful product. This firework doesn’t just last for a minute but goes further by giving you firework excitement for two full minutes! You get to enjoy 170 shots ranging from stars to whistling tails.

You can even get a £10 discount and buy Chain Reaction for £89.99.


Dum Bum Crazy Fan by Klasek

This is a revamped version of another Klasek favourite called Brocade Wars. The Z-firing pattern shoots 49 shots, creating gold brocades, red glitter mines and titanium salutes. This definitely adds a kick to your display.

You can buy Dum Bum Crazy Fan for £99.99.


There you have it! A massive roundup of our new barrages and cakes for the season! Don’t forget to check out all of our other new fireworks this year, as we got a lot of great wheels and roman candles to brighten your life!

With so many new barrages & cakes for this year, we have broken this series down into eight parts. You can visit these by clicking the links below. Our biggest and loudest cakes can be found in parts seven and eight!

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