New Barrages & Cakes for Firework Season 2019 – Part Two

Firework season 2019 is going to be a good one! We have lots of great new fireworks and plenty of amazing deals to get you excited as well. Here’s a look at our second set of new barrages and cakes for 2019.

Please remember that all the prices quoted below were correct at the time of writing September 5. Because situations can change and certain offers are only available for a limited time, you can find the most accurate pricing information on our website.

Nebula by Standard Fireworks

This is a funky little cake for the garden party. With just an eight-metre safety distance requirement, it works well for children’s parties and Bonfire Night events at your garden. The cake shoots 13 shots of red and green tails, which go on to burst into silver palms. You’ll even have beautiful stars and crackle effect thrown into the mix.

Buy Nebula for £9.99.

X-Factor by Standard Fireworks

Looking for the X-factor for your fireworks display? Then add it right now with this stunning cake by Standard Fireworks! You can enjoy 22 shots and a mixed firing pattern, resulting in a range of effects. It’s a wonderful filler to a display.

With 29% off, you can currently find X-Factor for sale at £9.99.

Tick Tock Boom by Celtic Fireworks

20 seconds and 20 shots is what you get with Tick Tock Boom. It’s a great garden firework, with a beautiful silver rain as it’s most unique feature. This is a very elegant firework that would look stunning in a wedding firework display, for example!

We are selling Tick Tock Boom for £9.99, with 23% off the original price.

Oblivion by Primed Pyrotechnics

We’re absolutely loving this monstrous barrage by Primed Pyrotechnics. Oblivion fires 56 shots during its 50-second duration so you get a lot of action. The firework has a mixed firing pattern and lots of effects such as beautiful brocades. This is a big one so you’ll need a standard 25-metre safety distance.

Buy Oblivion right now for £89.99.

Illusion by Primed Pyrotechnics

The brand has another big firework out with Illusion. It’s very similar with 56 shots in 50 seconds, creating many effects on the night sky. You can enjoy lemon stars, brocade crowns and glitter willows.

Illusion is also available online for £89.99.

Cris Cross by Celtic Fireworks

Criss Cross is a funky low-noise firework perfect for garden parties. You can enjoy 25 shots in the space of 35 seconds, resulting in a lovely colour combination of pink and lime. It’s a wonderful little cake that’ll definitely put a smile on your face.

You can find Criss Cross currently with a 19% discount, costing just £14.49.

Hnusák by Klasek

Hnusák is a wonderful little cake that could add a lot of lovely crackle to your display. It fires 16 shots in 20 seconds, with a good mix of colourful effects and sounds.

The affordable cake costs just £8.99 and Hnusák is currently available with 18% off the original price.

Nuclear Attack by Klasek

You will also love Nuclear Attack. The 16-shot cake uses red, green and purple colours bursting with different styles. You get strobes, crackling flowers and stars. It’s a wonderful garden firework that adds a bit of playfulness to your display.

Find Nuclear Attack right now with 18%, costing just £8.99.

Ice Diamond by Jonathans Fireworks

This garden firework has a lovely icy theme to it. It creates a chilly look on the night sky, using silver strobe and red stars to get the desired effect. We’ve even included it into our Shindig Selection Box so we absolutely love it!

You can buy Ice Diamond for £10.99 with 8% off.

Ember by Standard Fireworks

Ember has a lot going and if you’re looking for a mini fireworks display, this is it. You can enjoy 21 shots in 25 seconds with the cake comprising of different firing patterns and effects. It’s a fun little garden firework for your parties this fall!

Ember is available with a massive 50% discount, costing £10.99.

Sorcerer by Total FX

When you need a good firework to fill gaps in your display, consider using Sorcerer. The 19-shot firework uses straight firing pattern to shoot golden tails and willows on the night sky. You’ll also get a bit of red strobe for good measure.

Sorcerer is available for £11.49.

VIV48-Series by Vivid Pyrotechnics

Finally, we have a range of new fireworks from Vivid Pyrotechnics, with some exclusive only to Fireworks Crazy. Today we’re introducing the VIV48-series with both the Z- and the F-fireworks.

First, the VIV48Z-001 is a wonderful 48-shot firework firing in a Z-firing pattern and lasting for 23 seconds. Its effects range from glittering to bouquets, with lots of beautiful colours thrown into the mix. It’s available with 21% off the original price, costing just £58.99.

In the F-range, you can find 48 shots fired in 15 seconds. 001 has a lovely red tone to it, with lots of layering used to create a professional look. 002 is similar but with a copper and golden tone to the firework. With 003, you get a very elegant looking firework, using golden effects for maximum glamour. Finally, the 004 is all about greens, purples and golden hues. All four fireworks enjoy 21% off, costing just £58.99.

That completes our second set of new barrages and cakes for firework season 2019. You have a great mixture of big and bold fireworks with quirky little pieces in there – you can find something for all types of occasions! For more, check out our website and find the latest deals online.

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