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New Barrages & Cakes for Firework Season 2019 – Part Seven

At last, we made it through! It’s time to finish the series on our newest barrages and cakes with the seventh and final part of our look at the new fireworks in this range.

Please note prices quoted below were correct at the time of writing September 12. While we always try to offer the best deals for you, prices are subject change. Please check our website for the latest prices and to view our whole range.

Golden Dragon by Celtic Fireworks

This stunning firework produces 100 shots in a little over a minute. The explosions look magnificent, with the effects including golden palm bursts and red-tipped palms. Golden Dragon is a wonderful firework that works even on its own!

You can enjoy a 21% discount and buy Golden Dragon now for £49.99.

Royal Splendor by Skycrafter

Would you like to add a bit of sparkle to your fireworks display? Then check out this wonderful firework by Skycrafter. It shoots 20 bursts of colours in the brightest of tones along with a bit of red ghost wave thrown into the mix. A lovely firework for garden parties, as you only need an 8-metre safety distance.

We’re giving you 50% off right now and you can find Royal Splendor for £19.99.

Ooh Ahh by Celtic Fireworks

This firework is named after the sounds you’ll make when you see the effects on the night sky. The fabulous cake fires 19 shots of vivid blue stars and gold brocades. It’s beautiful and big – perfect for autumn nights!

Get 20% off and buy Ooh Ahh for £19.99.

Brexit by Celtic Fireworks

Here’s something Leavers and Remainers can agree on: this Brexit firework is amazing! It also doesn’t take numerous years to come to some sort of a conclusion, as the massive golden mines and brocade burst on the night sky in just three seconds. It’s fun and massive!

You can now get 22% off Brexit and buy the firework for £24.99.

Glitter Rainbow by Celtic Fireworks

A little bit of glitter never did any harm and this beautiful firework is the dream come true for glitter lovers. You can enjoy 30 shots of red stars and dahlias with green and gold glitter. There’s even a tad of purple thrown into the mix.

Buy Glitter Rainbow for £24.99 and enjoy 22% off the original price.

Take Cover by Celtic Fireworks

This fanned dumb cake is super fast wiper cake. It produces silver tails and colour-tipped palms with crackling silver chrysanthemums towards the end. Take Cover is breathtaking – not least because it’s all over in just five seconds!

You can add Take Cover to your displays for £24.99 and enjoy 22% off.

Signature C2525 by Klasek

We’ve had many new fireworks from Klasek to add to their Signature C-Series. C2525 is another great firework with multiple effects and bright colours to wow you. While this is technically a garden firework, it has such a massive effect to it that we do recommend sticking to a minimum 20-metre safety distance.

Get 10% off the original price and buy C2525 for £26.99.

Screaming Banshee by Vivid Pyrotechnics

If you love the noise of fireworks as much as the colours and designs, you’re going to love Screaming Banshee. It’s a whistle cake that comes with a unique noise. We’d say it’s definitely more like a scream rather than a mere whistle!

Find Screaming Banshee for £29.99 and enjoy a 9% discount right now.

Purple Passion by Celtic Fireworks

For the lovers of the colour purple, this firework is a must-have. You get to witness an explosion of purple stars with a bit of green glitter. It’s a lovely colour combination and the 30-second cake would work well in a little display or even on its own.

Buy Purple Passion for £29.99 and get 19% off the original price.

Valetta by Celtic Fireworks

Red and silver are a classic combination and this firework shows why. The beautiful red stars with silver strobe fill the night sky and create a stunning display of colours and effects. A 35-second display of elegance will put a smile on anyone’s face.

We’re currently offering Valetta with 19% off, with the firework costing just £29.99.

Skybreaker by Primed Pyrotechnics

Get your hands on Skybreaker if you love crackling flowers and loud salutes. The little cracker of a firework fires 36 shots, resulting in massive bursts and plenty of noise. This together with some rockets would create a stunning display.

You can find Skybreaker now for £29.99.

VIV25-Series by Vivid Pyrotechnics

Finally, we have a few new fireworks from Vivid Fireworks in their VIV25-Series. These are absolute monsters and you’ll want to include them to your fireworks display.

There are 11 fireworks in the VIV25i-Series, which include:

  • 001 creating swirling silver serpent tails bursting to golden chrysanthemums.
  • 002 shooting deep copper serpent tails with a bit of gold and red for good measure.
  • 003 which is all about multi-coloured dahlia effects.
  • 004 has effects that create blue rising stars and glittering golden willows on the night sky.
  • 005 paints the sky red with tails and glittering willows.
  • 006 does the same but in the colour green.
  • 007 shoots off blue stars and silver chrysanthemums with a few dahlias added into the mix as well.
  • While 008 is about crackling effects and willow crosettes.
  • 009 creates stunning golden tails and brocade crowns.
  • 010 shoots silver tails and glittering palms.
  • 011 is about starbursts in beautiful colours such as blue, purple and lemon.

Each of the above fireworks fires 25 shots and we’re offering them with a 15% discount. You can buy every one of these wonderful fireworks for just £31.49.

Keep up to date with the Firework Crazy blog for even more new fireworks and coverage of exciting fireworks events over the coming weeks!

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