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New Barrages & Cakes for Firework Season 2019 – Part One

The 2019 firework season is among us, as we lead up to Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. This year, we have a huge range of new barrages and cakes to make the firework season 2019 extra special!

Barrages and cakes are the perfect addition to a display. Many of them even look cool on their own because they pack a lot of colour and effects.

Please note prices quoted below were correct at the time of writing on September 5.

For the latest pricing information and offers, always check our website.

Comet Sky by Zeus Fireworks

This little cake is a perfect little beast. You get 19 shots of crackling golden comet tails, flying to the night sky in an X-formation. It’s a beautiful way to get your fireworks display going and you only need an eight-metre safety distance with this one.

You can buy Comet Sky for £2.49 with a massive 50% off the original price.

Magna by Zeus Fireworks

Magna is another great new cake from Zeus Fireworks. This one does 12 shots with a mixed firing pattern. The effects range from beautiful silver palms to gold glitter. It’s another funky little cake to add to your night.

Magna is currently available with a 13% discount, costing just £6.99.

Electric Storm by Standard Fireworks

Electric Storm is a magnificent little cake, suitable for gardens since you only need an eight-metre safety distance with it. You get 12 shots with bright colours ranging from red to gold. The effects have everything from crackling to stars.

Electric Storm is available for £7.99 with 20% off the original price.

Bite Me Harder by Celtic Fireworks

Bite Me by Celtic Fireworks has been a popular cake and in 2019, the brand has made an improved version of it. Bite Me Harder has a ton of red and green peonies exploding with a hint of titanium crackling. It’s a funky cake with lots of firepower.

Enjoy 33% off and buy Bite Me Harder for £7.99.

Sling Shot by Celtic Fireworks

With Sling Shot, you get to enjoy 36 shots firing in a straight pattern. The cake lasts for 40 seconds, producing a range of colours and effects for your enjoyment. It’s a lovely little cake that only requires the standard eight-metre safety distance.

You can buy Sling Shot for £7.99 and get it now with 33% off.

Red Glittering Willow by Klasek

Klasek has a huge new barrage out for 2019 with Red Glittering Willow. As the name suggests, you get to see massive red glittering willows burst on to the night sky. With 49 shots and a 40-second duration, this one is quite a beast.

Red Glittering Willow is currently available with 22% off, costing just £69.99.

Chase Me by Celtic Fireworks

The 118-shot fanned barrage could be all you need for a firework party. It’s an amazing display of effects with tails, comets, stars and glitter exploding for 40 seconds. It’s a big one so you do need a 25-metre safety distance.

Chase Me is available for £79.99 with a great 20% off the price right now.

Fluff by Celtic Fireworks

Low noise fireworks are great for parties and events, with the Fluff by Celtic Fireworks being one of our new additions to that line-up. This cake lasts for 30 seconds, firing in a straight pattern and bursting into a range of elements.

Buy Fluff for £8.99 and enjoy 18% off.

Alchemy by Total FX

25 seconds and 19 shots is what you get with Alchemy. It’s a burst of green tails and red-tipped pistils with a few crackling flowers thrown in for good measure. This one needs a 15-metre safety distance, as it does pack quite a bit of firepower.

You can find Alchemy for £8.99.

Dum Bum Crazy Fan by Klasek

If you’re looking for something big, bold and brash, then check out Dum Bum Crazy Fan. This mighty cake produces 135 shots in the space of 30 seconds. You get glitter mines and titanium salutes with lots of loud bangs. It’s the perfect addition to a display.

Buy Dum Bum Crazy Fan for £99.99 and enjoy 17% off right now.

Black Magic by Total FX

For a cute little cake, this one has it all. You get a burst of colour and effects, with all the fun lasting for a good 20 seconds. With a straight firing pattern, the sky is filled with flowers, pistil and palms. It will definitely become one of the best sellers!

Buy Black Magic for £8.99.

VIV49-Series by Vivid Pyrotechnics

We’re also incredibly excited about our new fireworks from Vivid Pyrotechnics. You’ll see plenty of these in the future posts too but let’s start with the VIV49-Series.

VIV49Z-Series fire 49 shots in just 13 seconds in a Z-firing pattern. 001 has a lovely golden crackling, 002 does coloured stars and crossettes, with 003 colouring the night sky green and red. 004 shoots gorgeous fluffy brocade with bursts of blue stars for a funky effect. On the other hand, with 005, you get golden comets and golden brocade so it’s an elegant and glamorous firework. All five fireworks currently come with a 20% discount, costing just £59.99.

Then we have the VIV49F-series which also fires 49 shots but in the space of 23 seconds. 001 is all about red, with red glitter and red bursts filling the night sky. This firework also costs £59.99.

And finally, we have VIV49I with two fireworks. 001A lasts for 35 seconds with a stunning chrysanthemum effect. It’s beautiful and very professional looking cake. The effects for 002 are unique, with waterfall and horsetail finishing. Both fireworks come with a 16% discount, costing just £56.99.

There you have it! The start of our introduction to the newest barrages and cakes for firework season 2019. We have lots more to come so keep your eyes peeled to our blog and don’t forget to visit the website for more new fireworks – as well as all your old favourites!

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